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The full line of toppers by Envy, which the company calls Hair Add-Ons, is incredibly versatile in meeting your needs. Whether you’re looking to add some extra volume, are experiencing hair loss, or enjoy the flexibility of changing your look, the line offers six toppers in 10 different colors. The lightest colors are made of human hair with heat-resistant, synthetic strands added in to achieve natural coloration, while the darker colors are made of 100% human hair. All of the toppers come with a hair length of 12”, which can be trimmed and heat-styled into any look you want.

Envy’s founder and designer, Alan Eaton, applies more than 20 years of industry experience when creating products. His innovative designs have made him one of the most recognized designers in the hair industry. HairDirect is pleased to offer you a line of toppers that are carefully created to look natural and feel comfortable.

Hair Add-on Center

The Hair Add-on Center is ideal if you’re looking to increase volume along the central, top part of your head. This topper has a fine, single-monofilament base measuring 4-1/2” x 4”. The sheer mesh base is woven from single-strand nylon thread to give you a completely natural look, with flexibility to part the hair any way you choose. Whether you’re noticing hair loss at the top of your head or would like to give your hairstyle some extra volume, Hair Add-on Center easily clips on to meet your needs.

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Hair Add-on Crown

Measuring slightly smaller than Hair Add-on Center, Hair Add-on Crown has a base size of 4” x 4” and is made to sit on the upper back section, where the top of your head begins to curve down. The sheer, single-monofilament base offers you complete styling flexibility. You’ll love how the topper clips on and off for quick and easy attachment and removal.

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Hair Add-on Front

If you’re looking to add some volume to the front of your hair, Hair Add-on Front is what you need! The fine, single-monofilament base measures 3-1/2” x 4-1/2”, which will cover the area between your temples from your front hairline to approximately the start of your crown. You can comb and style the hair in any direction you choose for complete flexibility.

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Hair Add-on Part

The sheer, single-monofilament base of Hair Add-on Part measures 4-1/2” x 2-1/2”. This topper is longer than it is wide and is ventilated (the way hair is attached to the base) into a part, because it clips on perfectly over your natural part. You do have styling flexibility with this topper, but please note that the part will always remain. If your natural part is widening due to hair loss, you will love the way Hair Add-on Part gives you volume right where you need it.

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Hair Add-on Left

Like the other toppers in this collection, Hair Add-on Left is made using a fine, single-monofilament base. With a size of 4-1/2” x 4-1/4”, the topper provides ample coverage for the top of your head. The hair in this topper is attached to create a part on the left side. While the mesh base does allow for styling flexibility, please note that the hair will always remain parted on the left.

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Hair Add-on Top

The Hair Add-on Top offers the most coverage of all the toppers in the Envy Add-on collection, with a size of 5-3/4” x 5”. The larger, double-monofilament (two layers of mesh) base can accommodate a greater volume of hair. A double-monofilament base still gives you styling flexibility and freedom to comb the hair in any direction you’d like. If you’re experiencing progressive and noticeable hair loss, this topper is a great way to add thickness to your hair. Hair Add-on Top also works wonderfully if you’re just looking to add an extra boost of volume to your natural hair.

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