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If you’re like most women who struggle with hair loss, you may be used to shying away from too much attention on your appearance — but don’t be surprised when your Envy wig changes that for good. Each style in this collection is perfectly contoured for a secure yet gentle fit, so you can finally enjoy restored confidence — and endless compliments on your new and natural look.

Lace Front

The beauty of a Lace Front style is in the details. From a natural front hairline density with wispy hairs that frame your face, to graduated density for greater volume at your crown, each wig is carefully designed to look completely natural. Part and style your wig just like you would growing hair; then enjoy life fully confident that you look and feel your very best.

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Mono Part

Wearing hair doesn’t mean you have to suffer from an itchy scalp. Every style in the Mono Part collection uses a soft, breathable cap specially designed for women with little or no growing hair, sensitive scalps, or those undergoing chemotherapy. Plus, each strand is carefully tied by hand to ensure your style is beautiful and natural from any angle.

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Mono Top

With a Mono Top wig, you’ll never be restricted to just one style. Hand-tied strands and wispy fringe perfectly simulate natural hair growth, so you’ll look beautiful no matter how you part or style your new look. With a high-quality monofilament base, the hair will appear to grow directly from your scalp, and no one will ever guess your beautiful hair is anything but completely natural.

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Open Top

Choosing a ready-to-wear wig doesn’t mean you should settle for anything less than a perfect fit. That’s why every Open Top style uses petal-patterned netting for stretch and support. The delicate cap feels soft and smooth against your skin, while also letting air circulate freely. You’ll look great, feel comfortable, and enjoy restored confidence.

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Lace Front Mono Top

This collection’s exclusive lace front design and soft, breathable cap give you an incredibly natural-looking hairline and scalp. With Lace Front Mono Top, you can confidently enjoy the freedom of wearing your hair pulled back or the look of side-swept bangs. With 17 different styles and 25 various colors available, you can experience the collection’s all day comfort in any look you choose!

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Hand Tied

The Hand Tied collection offers three 100% hand-tied, beautifully cut and styled wigs, each available in 22 different colors. The cap is made from a seamless, single-layer, ultra-fine mesh which blends perfectly with any skin tone and will create the illusion of naturally growing hair wherever you choose to part your hair. Whether you’re experiencing some type of hair loss or have a sensitive scalp, the cool and lightweight design of the cap provides all day comfort.

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Whether you want to wear your hair short, medium or long, this collection has 17 dazzling wigs to choose from. Envyhair™is made from a unique blend of 70% heat-resistant synthetic and 30% human hair with built-in moisture control properties that can withstand high temperatures. The exclusive hair blend looks and feels like 100% human hair and is available in 25 colors. Every wig is made using a beautifully soft and light-weight cap which can be worn comfortably all day long.

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Human Hair

The Human Hair collection is available in three different styles with eight color choices: Amelia gives you a classic, jaw-length bob, Hannah is an elegant, shoulder-length style with side-swept bangs and Sophia has endless possibilities with its long, blunt layers. Whatever you decide, rest assured that each hand-tied, 100% human hair wig will give you a natural look that is all your own.

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