Custom Hair Replacement Systems for Men

Fully customized solutions to fit your lifestyle

While some men find just what they’re looking for among our ready-to-wear hair systems, you may prefer a fully customized system to match your specific hair loss pattern, density, and color blend.

Every custom system is made by hand from the finest materials available. With lace, thin skin, and monofilament bases available, our hair consultants will help you select the solution that best fits your desired look and lifestyle. Our High Definition Hairline® gives the illusion that your system is growing directly from your scalp, and hair is processed to perfectly match your growing hair’s color, wave, or curl.

Start with Gather

To find out which option is right for you, start by sharing your unique preferences and measurements through our Gather Personalized Pre-consultation Tool. Upon completing Gather, a hair replacement consultant will contact you to review your specific needs for age-appropriate density, color, and more before recommending a solution to fit your lifestyle and blend seamlessly with any growing hair you have.

At that point, we’ll help you determine the appropriate shape and size to fit your hair loss pattern, as custom solutions can range from a small frontal to a full cap hair system that is cut and styled to match growing hair. If you prefer a daily-wear solution that blends with your growing hair and can be attached and removed daily, we can also design a custom clip-on system. Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to wash, wear, and style your new hair like it’s your own.

If you’re already wearing a hair system and know you have some specific technical requirements, simply let us know. As your partner in the hair loss journey, we’re always ready to listen.

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Compare Custom Hair Systems with Ready-to-Wear

Custom Hair Systems


For extensive and permanent hair loss

For extensive and permanent hair loss

Semi-permanent attachment (can sleep, shower and swim underwater)

Semi-permanent attachment (can sleep, shower and swim underwater)


Made to stock/common specifications



Custom-fit to your head, any shape

Limited sizes

Choice of base type (lace, thin skin, monofilament)

Lace front base with poly perimeter

Choice of densities

One density available

Choice of hair length

6-inch hair length or shorter

Choice of curl and wave

One wave pattern available

Custom hair colors, blends, and highlights

Limited colors, some with gray blend

High definition front hairline

High definition front hairline

Available in all shapes, from small frontals to full caps

Six oval sizes available

Manufacturing can be inconsistent between orders

Manufacturing is more consistent

Cut, styling, and blending included in cost

Additional cost for cut, styling, and blending

8-to-12-week turnaround time

One-week turnaround time (longer if having cut, styled, and blended)

Available with Standing Order Discount

Available with Standing Order Discount

Prices start at $548.90

Prices start at $369

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