Meet Our Team


Data Analyst

I enjoy utilizing my analytics and visualization skills to better understand customer needs and help grow HairDirect into a market leader.


Training and Development Manager

My passion is employee education. My goal is to ensure employees have the knowledge, skills, and tools to provide our clients with an exceptional HairDirect experience!


Finishing Center and Retail Supervisor

I'm passionate about making a difference. When I'm involved with a project, whether at home or work, I want to do my best to achieve success.


Office Administrator

As office administrator, I do a little bit of everything, from handling incoming mail and ensuring the package you sent is assigned to the appropriate hair replacement consultant, to handling travel arrangements to our production facilities overseas. I also deal with building maintenance, ensuring our team has what is needed to do the job (from supplies to furniture to stocking the fridge with snacks). I'm always working to make others' jobs easier and their time spent at the office more productive.


Hair Replacement Consultant

My passion is being there to help and assist the customer no matter what the need, wanting them to know they can depend on me. I want them to know I'm dedicated to making sure they are being taking care of. I want each customer to feel they can trust me and that I care.


Hair Replacement Consultant

I love cutting long hair and doing highlights.


Accounting and Fulfillment Manager

I enjoy providing support to customers regarding the financial aspects of their relationship with HairDirect. It's an amazing culture at HairDirect, and I enjoy passing that along to our customers.


Software Tester/QA

I enjoy helping customers indirectly by testing and providing the most bug-free applications and website experiences possible, both for customers and for hair replacement consultants, who use our technology to help customers.


Business Analyst

I do my best to implement technology solutions that allow our employees to focus on serving the needs of our customers.


Finishing Center Hair Technician

As a finishing center technician, I’m interested in hair cutting and color, but I am most passionate about styling synthetic hair, long hair styling, and permanent waving.


Warehouse Operator

I try to make sure hair systems are checked in and shipped out as quickly as possible, so the customer has a timely delivery.


Finishing Center Hair Technician

Hair is my passion. I enjoy cutting, styling, and most of all, coloring. I've always had a love for color, and amazed that with only three primary colors, your options are endless. I realized what career I wanted the moment it clicked that the color wheel was the same for hair! I stay driven by the fact that my passion has the ability to make a positive impact on an individual.


Chief Technical Advisor

Over the past 50+ years in the business, my biggest joy was always in helping customers by identifying their problems, and then creating solutions. The most significant problem was the high prices. My solution was to eliminate the middleman, changing the conventional industry model from an art form to a science. We made our "do it yourself," direct-to-consumer model possible, affordable, and scalable.


Hair Replacement Consultant

I enjoy all areas of working in the hair replacement industry. Hair loss is such an emotional journey. I find it very rewarding to be able to help people who are experiencing hair loss to feel better about their appearance. Hopefully by helping them feel better about their appearance I am also helping them regain their confidence and improve their lives.


Accounting Assistant

My passion is ensuring hair systems are delivered to customers in a timely manner after they are received back from the production facility.


Finishing Center Hair Technician

While working within this industry for 14 years, I have learned the importance of what I achieve and accomplish on a daily basis. I enjoy the challenges brought to me to make a person gain confidence. My motivation is creating multi-dimensional color and doing womens' haircuts, whether simple or unique, and knowing that I was able to help someone feel more confident. This is what gives me the passion to love what I do each and every day.


Customer Experience

My greatest passion is helping people move past the pain of hair loss to the freedom and self-confidence that comes with hair replacement. To overcome hair loss and live well despite it. To reclaim the parts of ourselves that were lost with our hair. Wearing hair isn't about vanity; it's about identity — looking like the person you feel you are on the inside. My goal is to help banish the stigma related to hair loss and hair replacement while empowering people to wear hair confidently.


Project Manager

It is my privilege to manage projects and provide our company's business leaders, staff, and customers the best possible solutions to meet their business needs. Whether it is exploring how to improve our HairDirect product line or implementing a new computer solution, I know I am making a difference here at HairDirect and for our valued customers.


Hair Replacement Consultant

The most rewarding feeling about the beauty industry is the ability to make people look and feel their best on a daily basis. It allows you to be creative, passionate, and gives you purpose to become the best you can be.


Chief Executive Officer

Building an entirely new kind of hair replacement company — one that delivers a customer experience unlike any other — is my passion and life’s work. Leading a team of smart, driven, innovative professionals who share a common set of customer-centric values is the fuel that drives my passion.


Hair Replacement Consultant

I think the best part of being a cosmetologist and a hair replacement consultant is helping make someone look and feel their best. There's nothing better than knowing you have made a positive impact on someone's life.


Retail Team Lead

I love cutting the systems in and seeing the transformation from start to finish. I also enjoy working with clients to educate them on care and maintainance to ensure the best outcome and experience with their hair system.


Senior Accountant

My passion is providing customers and coworkers with complete knowledge of customer programs, billings, and payments, as well as reporting accurate financial statements to make informed business decisions.


Hair Replacement Consultant

I'm most passionate about assisting to transform not just how a person looks, but how they feel, and helping them restore the confidence they deserve.


Director of Marketing and Sales

My passion is creating engaging ways for you to learn about and choose a system that meets your unique needs.


Hair Replacement Consultant

I am passionate about offering our clients a professional but personalized experience, so that each client is left with a great first impression of HairDirect and our team.


Warehouse Operator

I'm passionate about packing the products and supplies that make people feel happy and confident about their appearance.


IT Manager

I provide value to our customers through my commitment to people, systems, and applications, while producing creative technology to solidify HairDirect as a leader in the hair industry.


Hair Replacement Consultant

I love how creative you can be in the beauty industry. As a hair replacement consultant, I am most passionate about helping men and women find their solution for hair loss.


Hair Replacement Consultant

One of my greatest passions is helping others. I like helping people find solutions that meet their specific needs in a hair system, and make them feel great about themselves again.


Hair Replacement Consultant

My passion is helping others feel more confident about themselves.


Program and Product Director

I am passionate about the science of hair and developing expertly crafted products that ensure our customers look great and feel confident every day.


Hair Replacement Consultant

I'm most passionate about helping people not only look their best, but feel their best. Whether it be via haircut or color, I enjoy it all.


Warehouse Operator

I'm passionate about making sure the service at our EU facillity is just as great as the service at our USA facility, where customers can efficiently get their questions answered, and know their orders are handled with care.


Warehouse Operator

I strive to make sure the customer receives the products they order, so they are able to wear and maintain their systems properly.


Hair Replacement Consultant

I have wanted to be in the hair industry ever since I grew up in my grandmother’s salon. I love seeing women and men feel good about themselves, and I love doing hair. Now that I work at HairDirect, I feel very fortunate to learn new things and be part of an environment that provides such positive vibes.


Hair Replacement Consultant

I'm very passionate about helping clients find a solution to their hair loss. Knowing I had a part in helping them regain their confidence and take their life back is such a rewarding feeling.


Finishing Center Hair Technician

My passion is that I'm able to use my talents to help clients all over the world achieve the hairstyle they desire. I personally love taking care of the thin skins, men's barber cuts/styles, and color.


Quality Assurance Supply Coordinator

My passion is helping all clients resolve any issues they may have with their hair replacement needs. I love educating clients regarding all aspects of their hair systems, such as base designs, densities, hair color, hair lengths, wave/curl, and maintenance.


Customer Service Coordinator

I enjoy meeting and establishing relationships between new clients and HairDirect. My goal is to make sure they're comfortable with scheduling a time that works for them, while allowing enough time for us to cover all possible concerns they have in making the life-changing decision to start wearing a hair system. I also love developing friendships with long-time clients and making them feel that their time here is like visiting an old friend.


Customer Service Supervisor

To be able to help build a customer's confidence is something I love being able to do. That feeling is priceless. It gives you an overwhelming feeling sometimes knowing that you empowered that person to help love themselves more.This is what I am passionate about, and I love that I get to tell so many people every day that they are beautiful.


Hair Replacement Consultant

I am most passionate about helping people feel comfortable in their own skin by listening to their needs and wants and helping them achieve their desired result.


Client Services Team Lead

I love everything about the hair industry. The best part about what I do is getting to see firsthand how having hair again brings restored confidence to our customers.


Digital Marketing Assistant Manager

I'm passionate about making sure our customers have an enjoyable, stress-free experience while visiting our website, and ensuring they have a supportive place to go to learn everything they need to know about hair replacement, and gain the confidence to live their life free from the restraints of a salon.


Accounting Assistant

My goal is to develop strong customer relationships while assisting our company and our customers to reach their goals. I value being compassionate and understanding.


Hair Replacement Consultant

I am most passionate about helping people with hair loss regain confidence and feel more comfortable in their day to day lives.


Senior Director of Client Success and Human Resources

I am passionate about ensuring that all of our customers have the best possible experience by prioritizing customer focus at the forefront of everything that we do.


Warehouse Operator

It is my goal to ensure all customers receive the correct products ordered in a timely fashion.


Warehouse Operator

It's my pleasure to pick and pack orders to make sure customers get what they ordered and are happy with the service we provide.


Warehouse Operator

I'm grateful to be able to help people with hair loss because I have a family member who suffers from alopecia.