Front Hairline Cleanup

A lace front hair system gives you a natural and seamless appearance. However, it does require some maintenance beyond regular shampooing. Airborne dirt and dust can easily stick to the adhesive along the front hairline. The instructions below provide a quick and simple method for keeping your hairline clean.


  • ProTouch Adjust A-Bond
  • Folded paper towel
  • Mirror (preferably with magnification)

Step 1: Prepare the paper towel

Begin by folding the paper towel to make a square pad. Spray the pad with five to seven pumps of Adjust A-Bond. If you don’t have Adjust A-Bond, you can also use 99% isopropyl alcohol (found in your local grocery store or pharmacy).

Step 2: Clean your front hairline

Carefully pull the hair away from your front hairline and hold it back with your hand or a hair clip. Using the edge of the dampened paper towel pad, very gently wipe away any visible dirt or adhesive residue. To help keep the front edge of your system securely attached to your scalp, wipe downward, away from your hair.