Removing Your Hair System

Because the base material is delicate, and the adhesives used for bonding are strong, it’s important you follow the instructions outlined in this guide so you don’t risk damage to your system or your skin when removing your hair system.

Simply pulling the system off your head can cause pain and irritation to your skin, as well as stretch or tear the base. Instead, we recommend you use a product designed to assist with removing your hair system, such as Walker Lace Release, to protect your skin and hair system

Before you begin

For long hair

While it’s still dry, thoroughly comb through your hair and remove any tangles. To make the removal process more efficient, put the hair in your system into two pigtails or braids, one on each side of your head. This helps prevent the hair from tangling during the removal process and also simplifies cleaning the base later on. Please see Preparing Your Long Hair System for Removal for further guidance.


  • Hair bands (if your hair is long)
  • Wide-tooth comb
  • A removal spray, such as Walker Lace Release

Step 1: Locate the back edge

Find the back edge of your hair system. It’s important to start with the back of the system so you don’t damage the delicate front hairline. Once you find the edge, grab it between your thumb and index finger and begin separating the system from your scalp.

Step 2: Release the back edge

Spray a few pumps of Lace Release under the back edge of the system, where you began separating it from your scalp. Make sure to spray upwards, so it penetrates under the edge. This will begin to release the system from your scalp.

Using a spray remover

Spray a light mist directly between the base and your scalp while peeling the system up. After releasing a few inches, stop and spray on more Lace Release.

Using a dab-on remover

Using the bottle’s dab-on applicator, swipe the applicator across the underneath of the base, where it meets your scalp, while pulling the system up.

Step 3: Remove the system

After a few seconds, gently tug on the hair until it begins to release. Then grip the edge of the base and begin to lift it away from your scalp.

As you lift the system, continue to spray Lace Release under the base, letting it work to release the bond. Continue in this manner until the system is released from your head. Take your time! If you force it, you may irritate your skin and damage the base.

Your first removal of a new system might be unusual. If you are using tape, the tape may easily peel away from the system, but stay on your head. This is due to the factory conditioners that are on the system when you receive it; even with a good pre-cleaning, sometimes this can happen. If at any time the tape stays on your head, work an edge up with your fingernail and carefully spray Lace Release under the tape as you lift it away from your scalp.

Warning: Tapes and liquid adhesives are formulated for different hold times, such as one to three days, one to two weeks, or three to four weeks. If you are using a extended-wear adhesive and attempt to remove your system after just a few days, be patient with the removal process. Use Lace Release liberally so you don’t damage your scalp or the system.