Removing Adhesive From Your Lace Base With the Mirror Slide

When cleaning your hair system, it’s important to remember that even if you do not see or feel adhesive residue on the base, it is still there. To fully clean the base and ensure a strong bond on your next attachment, it’s vital to thoroughly remove all residue. By cleaning your system properly after each removal, you help prevent bonding complications caused by adhesive build-up.

The mirror slide is the safest and preferred method of adhesive removal for lace, because it requires very little solvent and isn’t harsh on hair. However, it is not recommended for skin bases or poly perimeters, because the sliding process can stretch the base. This process should not be used for thin skin systems, either.

Before you begin

If you use tape

Using Lace Release, remove the tape from your base. After you have removed the tape, allow a few minutes for the Lace Release to evaporate and for the base to dry. Then follow the directions below.

If you have long hair

To prepare your hair properly, follow the recommended procedure in Preparing Your Long Hair System for Removal. To minimize the amount of solvent on the hair and reduce tangling, keep the hair system in two braids throughout the entire base-cleaning process.


  • Your hair system
  • Wall mirror
  • Base cleaning solvent
  • Sink
  • Grease-cutting dish soap (preferably blue Dawn® Ultra Dishwashing Liquid)
  • Wide-tooth comb

Additional items you may need

  • Plastic wrap
  • Glass cleaner

The mirror slide

After the Lace Release has evaporated and the base is completely dry, continue with the full mirror slide cleaning as described below.

A quick cleanup tip: Apply a large piece of plastic wrap to your mirror, and smooth out large wrinkles as the plastic effortlessly clings to the glass. Following the same instructions, slide the the system on the plastic wrap, rather than the mirror. Simply discard the plastic wrap when you are done to avoid having to clean adhesive off the mirror.

Step 1: Position your hair system

With the hair-side of your system facing you, grab the edges of the base with both hands. Move the underside of the base — where the adhesive residue is — towards the mirror.

Step 2: Begin the mirror slide

Choose a spot along the edge of the base to start with, and firmly press it onto the mirror.

While still pressing down on that same section, slide the base down the mirror. The adhesive will dislodge from the base and transfer onto the mirror.

Do not slide over areas on the mirror that already have adhesive on them, as this will deposit adhesive back onto the base.

Step 3: Mirror slide entire base

Once the section you’re working on is free of residue, rotate the system and begin to mirror slide the next section. Continue around the edge of the system in this manner until all areas are clean.

Lastly, slide any other parts of the base where tape or liquid adhesive was applied until the entire base is clean.

Step 4: Spray solvent on base

After you complete a thorough mirror slide, spray one layer of solvent on the underside of the base, where adhesive was previously applied. Because you’ve removed most of the adhesive with the mirror slide, it isn’t necessary to saturate the base with solvent.

Allow the solvent to sit on the base for 10 to 15 minutes, and do not rinse.

If you prefer to continue the cleaning process at a later time, this is a good place to stop. After you spray on the solvent, seal your system in a plastic container, with the underside of the base facing up. Avoid allowing the hair to touch the base, since it is covered in solvent. You can come back at any time within a number of weeks to complete the process. Your hair system will not be harmed by such a small amount of solvent on the base.
To clean the mirror, spray some solvent on the mirror and wipe with a paper towel. Follow up with glass cleaner to clean your mirror in the normal manner.

Step 5: Apply dish soap

It’s important to remove all traces of solvent from your base before proceeding with your next attachment.

After the solvent has had a chance to work, apply some dish soap to the base.

Step 6: Wash the base

To wash out the solvent residue, hold the underside of the base under a faucet with both hands, run a slow stream of cool water onto the base, and work the dish soap in with your thumbs, as if you’re working a stain out of a piece of clothing.

Once you’ve thoroughly worked the soap into the base, rinse the base and repeat Step 1.

Remember to never rinse a lace base from the hair side, because it will cause hairs to irreversibly pull through to the underside of the base.

Finally, rinse your base with cool water until all the soap has washed out.

Step 7: Final steps

If your hair is in braids or pigtails, remove them and carefully comb through the hair with a wide-tooth comb. Lastly, shampoo and condition the hair.