Understanding Red Liner Tape

Red liner tape is a low-tack daily-wear tape used on poly perimeters and traditional (not thin) skin bases that is also recommended for some extended-wear applications. Understandably, this can be a bit confusing. Here we’ll explain when to use it and how it helps make cleanup easier.

To learn how to apply red liner tape (or any tape) to your hair system base, see Applying Tape to Your Base.

The tape itself is not red

First things first: red liner tape is not red. It’s clear. All hairpiece tapes are double-sided. Red liner tape has a disposable red liner on one side of the tape, and white liner on the other side.

What it’s used for

Red liner tape is designed for daily wear, but also can be used for specific extended-wear applications.

Daily wear

Red liner tape is a low-tack tape for daily wear with traditional skin bases and poly perimeter, used by people who remove their hair systems every day. It should only be used on poly perimeters or traditional skin bases; never directly on lace. Because it has so little tack (or stickiness), it will not adhere to lace. We don’t recommend using any type of tape on thin skin bases.

“Low tack” means it will only adhere to your scalp for one to three days, depending on your skin type and body chemistry. That said, it will adhere to poly or skin base materials for weeks with no lifting. Use it as daily-wear tape if you have a traditional skin base or a base with a poly perimeter.

Extended wear

This is where things can get a bit confusing. We often recommend you use red liner tape on a traditional skin base (or any base with a poly perimeter) before applying your extended-wear tape or liquid adhesive. The reason is that extended-wear tape is very high tack. It will stick really well to your scalp, but it’s extremely difficult to remove from poly and can be quite a mess to clean up.

For these reasons, we recommend applying red liner tape to poly or skin first, and then applying your extended-wear tape or liquid over the top of the red liner tape. This way, you get the hold of an extended-wear tape with the cleanup of a low-tack daily-wear tape. Again, the red liner tape, though low tack, will hold for weeks on poly and skin bases, but you’ll need that extended-wear tape or liquid adhesive to hold it securely to your scalp for extended wear.

the poly perimeter with the red liner tape and the long-term tape on top of that may create a thick, stiff edge on the system. For some, the stiffer edge causes buckling on curves as the system struggles to conform to the shape of the head. It can be particularly difficult for three-quarter and full cap systems. Some people are bothered by the combo, while others don’t mind at all. Try it for yourself to see how comfortable it is for you, and if cleanup is easier.

Let us help

If you’re unsure about using red liner tape on your hair system, contact us. We’ll be happy to help you figure out what’s best for your specific needs.