Applying Tape to Your Hair System Base

Applying tape to your hair system base is rather simple. The method described here works for any base type for which tape is recommended (which includes most bases except thin skin).

You can apply tape to your hair system in a variety of configurations. The most common are:

  • Applying tape to the entire perimeter

  • Applying tape to the entire perimeter with a strip down the middle from front to back

  • Applying tape to the sides and back and adhering the front with liquid adhesive

FFeel free to experiment and see what works best for you. If you’d like more suggestions, call and speak to a hair replacement consultant

Before you get started

Keep your fingers clean at all times

Before applying tape, be sure to wash your hands well, and keep some Adjust A-Bond nearby to spray on your fingers if you need to touch the tape. Adjust A-Bond removes residual dirt and oils from your fingertips and won’t allow your fingers to stick to the tape so much.

Prepare the surface (new lace bases only)

If your hair system is new and your base is lace, apply some acetone or nail polish remover to a folded paper towel, and wipe or dab the underside of the base. This helps remove the conditioners applied to the system before it leaves the factory, and should only be necessary the first or second time you use the system. If you skip this step on a new lace base, the tape will likely not stick to the base.

Apply knot sealer

If you have a lace base and would like to help prevent shedding, apply one or two layers of knot sealer as described in Applying Knot Sealer. Knot sealer helps tape stick to lace more securely.

Want an easier cleanup?

If cleanup time is a concern for you, you might want to apply a layer of apply red liner tape to any poly areas before applying your tape of choice. This step is optional but will aid tremendously in cleanup later. Understand that adding red liner tape will create a slightly thicker edge around the system. That said, the extended-wear tape will break down on the red liner tape instead of the base. Red liner tape leaves virtually no residue on the base. Then, when cleaning your system, you can easily remove both layers of tape at the same time and throw them away, and not have to scrub adhesive off of the base. Red liner tape cannot be used on lace.

Contours vs. rolls of tape: Tape contours are designed to closely match the shape of your hair system, and come in a variety of curvatures, as well as straight strips. You can use multiple types of contours on one system. You can also cut contours or straight strips to accommodate unusual curves around the system. Rolls can be used as well, but they are more time consuming, and can create wrinkles on the base if you don’t cut the tape into individual strips.


  • Clean hair system
  • Tape(s) of choice
  • Styrofoam head with T-pins and mount

Additional items you may need

  • ProTouch Adjust A-Bond
  • Scissors
  • Knot sealer
  • Acetone or nail polish remover
  • Paper towel

Step 1: Prepare your system for taping

Pin your clean hair system to a Styrofoam head with the underside of the base facing up. Avoid pinning in areas where you will be applying tape.

Step 2: Apply tape to the base

Apply the front center piece first

Peel the backing* off the first piece of tape and place the tape along the front center edge of the system. To avoid rippling, adhere the left side of the tape and then the right side.

If you are cutting tape, spray your scissors with Adjust A-Bond to keep the tape from sticking to the scissors.

Place the tape as close to the edge of the base as possible without going past it. If you don’t align it flush with the edge, you’ll have a loose edge when it’s attached to your head. Lace that is not adhered is more detectable and can be annoying.

Keep the outer backing on the tape. Press the tape firmly onto the lace.

*The side of the tape that goes towards the base versus towards your scalp varies depending on the brand of tape. Typically, the split backing faces up, meaning the split back is the last side to be removed. For clear instruction, find the item in our Store and read the instructions provided.

You can bend the tape a little bit to match the contour of your system, but do not stretch it, as this can cause wrinkling around the edge of the base when the tape tries to shrink back to its original position.

Apply and overlap each remaining piece of tape

Apply the second piece of tape right next to the one you just applied, slightly overlapping the edge by about 1/8 inch. Lift the edge of the remaining tape backing in order to overlap the two pieces of tape; just be sure to replace it.

Apply the third piece of tape to in the same fashion.

Work your way around the edge of the system until the entire perimeter is completely taped.

Keep the tape backing on the tape until you are ready to attach your hair system.

We recommend you fold back the edges of the tape backing for easier removal during attachment.

For information on attaching, see Attaching Your Hair System.

Using liquid adhesive in the front?

If you are using liquid adhesive in the front, simply tape the sides and back and ignore the front. You will apply liquid adhesive to the front hairline area of your scalp later (and to the base itself, on non-lace bases).