Heat Styling

Heat damage occurs when tiny holes are created in the protective layer of the hair. The creation of these holes can then lead to breakage. The damage is even worse on chemically treated hair. The issue not only results in breakage but also in dulling the shine of your hair.

Here are some tips from our stylists to keep your hair healthy when using hot hair tools.

Protect Your Hair Before Applying Heat

If applying heat to the hair, always try to use a thermal protectant of some kind as this can prevent damage from constant exposure to heat and protect the color for more extended periods of time from fading.

Condition Regularly

If heat/thermal styling is used regularly remember to condition as this can allow moisture retention for longer periods of time

Using Heating Tools Sparingly

Try not to use heating tools every day. When you do, use tools on a lower heat setting. The hotter the tool is, the more damage it can do to your hair.