Hair System Design

Have you ever wondered why we ask you so many questions when we’re designing your hair system, or why we need photos of you? There are dozens of unique subtleties that must be explored and considered to create a hair system that works seamlessly with your hair loss pattern and/or growing hair. It’s an expert balance of art and science, and you won’t believe how much detail and care goes into getting it right.

We don’t want you to get overwhelmed or confused by the information presented here. If you’re new to wearing hair, or just new to HairDirect, we suggest you start with Gather®, our personalized pre-consultation tool, rather than combing through all the information here. After you complete Gather, your hair replacement consultant will do the design work with you.

However, if you’re already wearing hair and trying to refine a certain aspect, or you’re just curious about what certain specifications are, how they are determined, and how one impacts the other, it’s all laid out it great detail here for you to explore.