DIY Survival Kit

DIY Products

Must-have Supplies
Exfoliating gloves for cleaning your scalp, Electric clippers (beard/mustache trimmer is easier to work with than hair clippers), Disposable razors, Wide-tooth comb (we recommend resin or “bone” comb without seams, especially for long hair), Hand mirror, Infant nasal aspirator/Ear syringe (for tape removal), Shower cap

For Longer Hair
Hair clips (1-inch wide or smaller jaw clips for hair longer than a few inches), Hair bands (for hair longer than 8 inches), Microfiber hair towel (for drying long hair)

Shower filter (to remove chlorine), Silk, satin, or Egyptian cotton pillow cases (600+ thread count), Shaving cream, Cuticle scissors—straight edge (for trimming frayed lace), Lip gloss brushes and/or eyeshadow applicators for applying liquid adhesives

HairDirect Supplies 
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