Manufacturing Update

COVID-19 has had a tremendous impact on the goods — from securing supplies to manufacturing to transportation to labor. Your hair is made by hand, touching multiple people and processes.

Traditionally, hair systems have been made in Asia due to the decreased cost and closer location to raw materials. We — and you — felt the impact with the closure of our primary facility in March 2020. Competing with other providers, we were successful in securing four new facilities early 2021, but that has meant onboarding time (virtually instead of in-person) around production standards and quality control. In the midst, several of those facilities were ordered closed by country governments due to COVID. Some facilities went from an average 12 week turnaround to 26 week turnaround due to shutdowns, supply chain disruptions, and labor shortages. The good news is that HairDirect is getting your hair!

Here’s an infographic that highlights the disruption in manufacturing, resulting price increases, and HairDirect’s production of hair.