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Women's Custom Fitting Kit
Men's Custom Fitting Kit
I think this Custom Fitting Kit is great, much different and complete compared to the one you were providing long time ago. But is still missing something extremely important, a tool to get the exact shape of the base, design, but mostly important the convexity od the head.
Thank you for the feedback, JPmiami! Although the measurements do allow for most traditional shapes and sizes to be accurately measured, we also encourage the use of tape templates for those people whose systems do not fall under one of the standard shapes. We will definitely keep your suggestion in mind, however, when we look to improve the kit again!
Unbelievably efficient! It's very rare to meet with standards of customer care similar to what this company have. Very helpful people. Keep up the good work. Paul
I was looking very carefully if you send a time machine when you send the "Custom Fit Kit." Since I didn't find it on this explanation and since I don't have a "DVD player" because I gave it away with all my DVDs years ago. My computer that I have for more than four years now, didn't even come with the cd slot or player, and I question how you guys want this to happen. I called, and they told me you have the videos online, of course, she didn't even know where it was, she sent me to the video to order the kit, then the girl supposedly found out. But what I found is an explanation of what comes on the custom fit kit but no what I have to do. I wonder if you guys are just incompetent, wholly lost in the past, oblivious to how life works nowadays, or just don't care. On the time of streaming, you send a DVD, if you want to submit something you can send me a flash drive with the videos or a link to find the videos myself. Again, I wonder who is the genius behind all this. And I'm wasting my time trying to figure out how to make this happen. I'm interested in the product, very disappointed on how incompetent the people behind this, is.
Great video, the only thing I would like you guys to include in the kit is the mold for the head, so that you guys know exactly how much is the balding area and its dimension.