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ProTouch No Sweat Scalp Protector, 4 ounces

Stop perspiration COLD with this safe and light scalp protector created by Bill (Our mad scientist-in-chief) and refined with feedback from hair-wearers. It’s like antiperspirant for your head! More...

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ProTouch No Sweat Scalp Protector, 4 ounces

Scalp perspiration is frustrating to novice and veteran hair-wearers alike. Sweat can weaken your bond, shift your placement and shorten wear time. After searching for the ultimate weapon to fight this common enemy, Bill took matters into his own hands and created ProTouch No Sweat!

And now, this game-changing solution is primed to wipe out wetness and obliterate odor in your attachments!

No Sweat works by fusing to the oils and salt in your perspiration, forming an iron curtain between them and your bond. It’s that simple.

Totally safe and simple to use, just add this light, pleasant-smelling spray-on application to your normal attachment routine and you'll:

  • Save money by extending the life of your adhesives.
  • Save time by helping you get your attachment right the first time (When used with Adjust-A-Bond).
  • Stop hair from shifting while showering or working out.
  • Reduce the gooey mess that sweat can make of adhesives.
  • Prevent the white glue "milkiness" that perspiration creates before the adhesive is fully-cured.

And here’s what some of our hair-wearers say about No Sweat:

“It goes on so easily with no smell. It also does a great job with helping the liquid glue I use in front to not break down so quickly. I can go 4 or 5 days without cleaning up the front. I use to do it every 3 days very easily. I love this stuff!” ~ J. Harms

“This is the best stuff I have ever used. It definitely extended my bond as well as kept the tape from gumming and melting down.” ~ J. Owen

So quit sweating, stop odor and keep your attachment dry! Add a bottle of ProTouch No Sweat to your routine today!

Tech Specs

Bottle Size4oz (118ml)
Shelf Size (Dimensions) 
Type of UseScalp Protection


Apply prior to using Adjust-A-Bond. Make sure scalp is clean and dry. Before applying your hairpiece, spray a small coat of No Sweat onto a paper towel or makeup pad. A little goes a long way! Don't oversaturate scalp with No Sweat. Allow to dry, then use your preferred attachment method.


Water, Aluminum Chlorohydrate, SD Alcohol 40-2, Witch Hazel, Octoxynol-9
deedee I use this with my lace front wigs and it does do the job..i am menopausing and do sweat..You know ladies' where your body starts to heat up from the inside and u feel like your going to combust. The sweat starts up...well i do sweat but not like dripping profusively sweat...I get very little moisture...I wipe down my forehead with 90 % alcohol -let dry, then i spray this on top of my forehead-let dry then i apply my IT Freeze hairspray-get tacky, then my Hair Gel Glue-get tacky and then my frontal lasts a very good week til i actually have to take my unit off and start all over..i could easily go maybe 2weeks...but i seriously love this product. It does hold my sweat and makes my unit last a very long time...I have to stock up on this product for sure..
TAE I've been using ProTouch NoSweat for about a year... I use it with Pro Flex tape It really helps extend my hold time. Without it max 7 - 10 days. With it a full three weeks. It keeps sweat at bay also! I am a middle age women with hot flashes...😁 It goes on a little tacky which helps hold my tape in place. It also extends wear time by at least three to four days. Great when applied around edges of unit to clean up residue when the type begins to break down
Bruce AUG in central FL, 95 degrees and 95 percent humidity, cleaning our company storage unit (no A/C) with some co-workers and waiting for this system to melt off my head, not a chance, in complete control. Thank you. Before you build a house you got to lay the foundation.
Bruce Doesn't work well with ghost bond xl, causes it to cake up!
Joshua It helps a lot. I do still have sweat problems though and may consider getting something RX strength. But I will still keep this around.
Robert I hate to give this product a one star because it could just be my body chemistry reacting with this product. But this did the complete opposite for me. As soon as I attached my thin skin unit after allowing this product to dry ( i sprayed a thin coat as the instructions said on the bottle ) My head started to drip with sweat. I would press on the base of my unit and sweat would just leak out. Found it rather amusing that a product that is supposed to help with sweat actually caused me to sweat profusely. Just another example I guess how different peoples body chemistry react with certain products.
Sher I purchased this product because the state I live in has very high humidity. I sprayed lightly all over area (including where the tape goes) let it dry real good and applied tape. My tape started lifting in a couple of days. Before I purchased this, I always used just plain rubbing alcohol and wiped the tape area and allowed to dry. My tape will last for approximately 4 weeks. Next time I sprayed on a cotton pad and wiped on area that I do not use tape on.......wiped my tape area with alcohol and attached. Worked perfectly. Kept the area from sweating and also helped with itching and also keep smelling clean and fresh. I love the product, but just need to keep off of my tape area.
Larry Great product. I use blue liner tape on the front of my system. No Sweat helps with the bond and, stops irritation.
Joe If you sweat profusely, great stuff. I haven't been sweating consistantly from my forehead by using this. If you need a better sweat eliminator get anRX strength, use it the night before and clean the residue off before placing your hair system on in the morning.
Helmgirlie No sweat, no odors. It works wonders!
Estee If I could give it 10 stars, I would! I've worn hair for about 7 years, and have always struggled with scalp irritation. I am amazed at how well this product works. I started using it about 4 months ago and it has virtually eliminated the irritation and has dramatically improved my bond. It has a very fresh, clean smell, too. Prior to trying this, I was considering switching from bonding a full lace system and going to a daily wear approach. So glad I gave this a try!
Paul I highly recommend this item it really makes a difference on my bonding now I can hold my system one more week!
Kade Great smell. It really helps to keep your scalp clean for 3 or 4 days. It extends the hold time, reduces the sweat so no odor and no itching.
Lori I recently purchase this product just to see if it would hold my wig down in the back when I sweat and workout daily… To my surprise it REALLY!! did work normally when I workout my Ghost Bond XL by itself only holds for a day or two in the back (Ghost Bond XL works fine in the front though) but when I put the sweat on first and let it dry then applied the my ghost bond XL as usual it held for the "whole week"… I am very pleased with No Sweat, I workout hard every day and sweat a lot and my hair still stays down in the back for the entire week.
Annie This is by far the best compliment to any hair system. When I tried this product I was impressed by the fact that once it dried and I finished attaching my unit the perspiration stopped. Before I started using "No sweat" I would take precautions to ensure that the bond had cured, but when I would wake up in the morning I would be perspiring and the unit would have slipped. I have to also mention that this product does reduce the need to use more bond. Thanks HD !!!
Gwen Great Product....I don't have to worry about odor anymore!! Even when I have went way past de/re time. It has also helped to help with itching!!
Robert Yea! I got a sample of No Sweat and couldn't wait until it was sold online. Definitely extends my hold time, especially in the summer.
FelineWoman One of the best products out there! I get a more secure bond, significantly less itching and almost no glue ooze after I've been outside working in the heat. Can't beat it!
Ken888 Previously w/o No Sweat, the tapes on the side would lift after the 2nd day. With No Sweat for the first time, my bonding with blue lace tape was VERY tight after 2 days. It felt tight like day 1 but I de/re every 2 days so that I can thoroughly clean my scalp. During the hot and humid days ( 90+ degrees), I sweated A LOT doing yard work and the bonding was still good.

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