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ProTouch FusionBond Liquid Adhesive, White, 2.3 ounces

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ProTouch FusionBond is our own extended-wear formula! It gives you the security and confidence of a 4+ week attachment that’s safe, waterproof and totally invisible.


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ProTouch FusionBond Liquid Adhesive, White, 2.3 ounces

ProTouch FusionBond was originally created to come pre-applied on our HD SkinTM hair systems. We needed an adhesive with just the right combination of strength, safety and reliability, and we tweaked FusionBond until it was perfect for these thin skin systems.

We liked FusionBond so much that we began testing it on other poly and lace materials, and discovered that we had created our favorite glue!

Strong, Safe, Reliable

ProTouch FusionBond is truly an extended-wear adhesive. Expect over four weeks of solid hold, depending on your body chemistry. Apply as directed for a hold you can count on week after week, even if you have an active lifestyle! Use FusionBond with any lace or poly base materials, just like other liquid adhesives.

White in the bottle, but invisible when dry, FusionBond offers an undetectable bond. Made with pure water instead of harsh solvents, FusionBond meets the ProTouch standard for safety. Cleanup is easy with your favorite solvent.

Perfect for Thin Skin Systems

This glue comes pre-applied to our HD Skin hair systems, so when you’re ready to reattach yours, we recommend FusionBond for the strongest, most reliable bond. HD Skin wearers should remove and clean their systems with ProTouch CleanSkin Base Cleaner and follow the directions carefully for best results.

FusionBond is available in this 2.3oz bottle, or in the smaller 1.3oz size. And don’t forget to try the ProTouch FusionBond Precision Pen Kit, perfect for touch ups!

Remember, you always shop risk-free with our 100% money-back guarantee! Use ProTouch FusionBond for your next attachment and tell us all how it works in the Reviews tab on this page.

Tech Specs

ApplicatorSqueeze Bottle/Tube
Bottle Size2.3oz
Hold Time4+ Weeks
Shelf Size (Dimensions)4.25"H x 1.5"W


Apply two to four coats allowing product to dry clear between coats. Press hair system into place. Do not apply directly on lace-based systems.


Acrylate Polymers

Ahmad It does not work for me. I tried few times and I have also used it in a pen. Easy to apply and clean but It also comes off clean predictably after first shower. Adhesives react differently to one's body chemistry, so it might work for you.
Craig Have been using this one for about a year now since i was unable to get Ultra hold shipped out . Suggestion For a lace base : After removing the previous adhesive shave the scalp then apply step 1 NexGen effects and wash off . Then apply step 2 NexGen effects and wash off . Then apply Protouch clean skin scalp cleaner and use it on the scrubbing brush and get that scalp clean as, then rinse off. Dry the scalp completely and get out the bottle of Fusion Bond and give it a good shake. Using a brush apply 1 thin coat , let it dry until clear [ about 3 minutes or so ] then apply a second coat and let dry until clear [ about 3- 5 minutes or so ] spray your lace unit and the Fusion Bond with alcohol and proceed to attach and then press down and comb through. The total de - re time involved including cleaning the adhesive off the unit is about 60 minutes. As a long time hair wearer from way back i can recommend this adhesive to give a firm 10 day plus bond with working out and washing my hair daily . After 10 days the scalp needs a good clean up and scrub anyway in my view so this adhesive does the job very well for me and i am a sweater with an oily scalp. Prior Proper Preparation Prevents ..........
HairHatHero Update: My hair hat completely came off my head while I slept, meaning the glue worked for 12-18 hours. Oh well, I guess I'll be using Got2BGlued hair gel until I get back to the USA and can order a reputable glue that actually works.
HairHatHero One good thing about this product is that it's one of the few glues that can be shipped internationally. The downside is that I'm getting only 1 to 1.5 days hold. My hair hat has a lace front and a skin perimeter. It has an extremely weak hold on the skin perimeter, so I use Got2BGlued to keep it nailed down. It holds much longer on the lace hairline. I think I could get 2 full days with an all-lace hair hat. The glue sticks to my scalp really well and takes a while to clean off, but since it doesn't stick very well to the hair hat, it's easy to clean it off the lace and there's never any on the skin portion at all. So this glue is easy on my hair hat, but I have to reapply it every other day. In the winter, I'll probably just use Got2BGlued since it's stronger. I can't use Got2B now since it's summer and it melts and runs. Protouch doesn't do that, so it's good to use until the weather cools back down in the fall.
Jonathan I recently tried this on the front lace just to see how it compared to supertape and Walker Ultrahold - which have always been my goto for front lace attachment. Since both tape and walker typically last a week, it tried for one week. Normally with walker/tape the front lace needs cleaning of dust and it needs touch up, not to mention the shine. I applied two coats of FusionBond as instructed. It looked more natural because you could see right in to my scalp with no shine! The bond held up great during the entire week and it did not need any dust cleaning or touch up. I probably could have worn it longer and will try for two weeks. Cleaning is much easier then tape/walker because it does get stay imbedded in the lace. No mirror slide or adhesive remover, I just washes out with soap and warm water. I highly recommend this for front lace or your entire hair piece.
Paul Not the best bond I've tried unfortunately , hold time is only around 5/7days before lifting , I wanted at least 2weeks hold as was going on hols . I did not feel positive on this bond , I have gone back to ultra hold as it bonds for much longer .
S Best I've ever tried. Doesn't itch and irritate my skin. I'm at about 10 days now and have washed my hair twice and it's still holding strong. Because it is applied directly to the poly base, the attachment is a much easier process for me and the coverage is so much better than applying directly to the skin and then attaching the system. I suggest buying the pen as well.
V Best adhesive I have ever used, I had a 10 day solid bond before any front touch up was needed and cleaning was a breeze.
SPR STOP reconsider to buy this. I bought it and its no good. Its allergic to Hairspray, Comes off aftrr a reg. quick hair wash and even during a rainy day in new york with no umbrella. Do yourself a favor and dont give it a try like I did. I was going to see if it could stand up to the Ghost Bond XL. No, it can not!

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