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ProTouch Adjust A-Bond Repositioning Spray, Clear, 4 ounces

Use ProTouch Adjust A-Bond for perfect hairline placement and hairline touch-ups. More...

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ProTouch Adjust A-Bond Repositioning Spray, Clear, 4 ounces

Get Your Hair System on Straight Every time with Adjust A-Bond

No matter what type of hair system you wear or attachment method you're using, ProTouch Adjust A-Bond should be a standard tool in your bathroom. We've heard it called "a hair wearers best friend" and here's why...

  • You get up to 1 full minute to adjust and position your system into just the right spot before the adhesive begins to dry
  • Use it to clean and touch up your lace front hairline
  • Use it to safely clean the solvents and residue from your scalp
  • It makes a great scalp freshener

Great for use with both hairpiece tape and liquid bonding adhesives, Adjust A-Bond is a safe, reliable spray with many different uses.

Using Adjust A-Bond when attaching your hair system

  1. First spray a light mist onto the adhesive surface of the unit and onto your scalp
  2. Next place your hair system onto your head and adjust into place (you'll have approximately 1 minute)
  3. Allow the Adjust-A-Bond to evaporate (about 2 minutes) completely and then firmly press down on the system

Using Adjust A-Bond to clean-up your lace front hairline

We all know that dust and dirt can easily stick to the adhesive in our lace front hairline. Luckily, you can use HD Adjust A-Bond to touch up and clean it in less than 5 minutes!

Spray Adjust-A-Bond on TowelBegin by spraying a generous amount (approximately 5-7 pumps) of the Adjust A-bond onto a piece of folded toilet paper or paper towel.

You want to be sure the toilet paper is folded thick enough so it won't tear from the moisture.

Wipe Around Front HairlineAfter you have sufficiently dampened the paper towel or toilet paper, pull back and hold the hair away from your hairline. Grasping the very edge or corner of the toilet paper, you can then begin to wipe away the visible dirt or adhesive residues.

Be sure you do this very gently so you won't risk any damage to your system. We also recommend wiping in a downward direction away from your hair, this will help keep the front edge of your hair system securely attached to your scalp. 4oz spray bottle.

Tech Specs

Bottle Size4oz (118ml)
Shelf Size (Dimensions)6" x 1.5"
Type of UseScalp Protection


Spray a light mist onto the adhesive surface of the hair system and onto your scalp then place the unit on your head and adjust into place.


97% Isopropyl, color tint and mint fragrance
John This is good if you have a strong glue or tape that sticks as soon as there's any contact. I'm a long-term user so I can put my hair in position accurately 95% of the time but it is useful for those times I slightly miss. For 'beginners', it can be excellent. If you're using a glue that remains 'movable' for a minute or so, it obviously won't made a difference.
Ewa I cannot praise this product enough. Saved me from a total despair when putting my first ever unit on. Was about to give up on hair systems forever when I discovered HD and Adjust the Bond. Thank you for that!
Andrew I finally ordered this after 5 years and I must say I wish I had this product earlier. You have to spray on the unit and your head(at the connection areas). You have about 30-45 seconds to adjust. My only fear used to be to make sure I place the hair piece in the same location correctly. However, no more mistake and can be adjusted now easily.
Blondina Adjust A-Bond I love it!! It's a must have
salswdt Could not work without it. I put a liberal amount on scalp and system. That gives plenty of time to attach properly. Have tried without using Adjust A Bond in the past and had lots of problems getting it on to where I wanted it to be. I haven't tried doing it with alcohol. This product is a winner!
Narsboi Love it. I am new to hair systems and I attached my system 2 different times without this product and my hair system was CROOKED it didn't matter much because I style my hair forward. But this time I used the Adjust a-bond and I was able to place my system on and it looks perfectly professional. I did have about a minute to adjust all I wanted. I sprayed a liberal amount on my scalp and system.
Joshua Amazing product! Can't live without it. It is just 99% rubbing alcohol with fragrance however I really like the scent and found myself purchasing this again after using just 99% IPA for a while. It says you will have about 1 minuet adjustment time. I experience closer to about 15 seconds. But that is enough to check positioning just before it starts to stick. So no problems there.
Joe My first month with hair and isopropyl alcohol is a must have!!! Not a pro in hair placement? Consider this as a necessity. It does what it says, and thats all that matters regardless of the simple ingredients.
Lee Don't waste your money. It's alcohol with fragrance in a spray bottle.
ladyinred I wouldn't even ATTEMPT to do an attachment without this product. It has saved me from "mis-placing" my unit many times. One of the essentials in my hair care kit.
Kimberly After purchasing this im with the other customer with that it is more cost effective for me to use my 99% pure alcohol.... so it is good but I wont buy again just use the old bottle as a spray bottle for the pure alcohol I buy in the store. Just my opinion
jyodeee Ych i have purchased this, and it works, but is it any different than a bottle of alcohol? 99% pure alcohol seems to be the same thing?
Kade This is my favorite product from this store. I use it for touching up my hairline and for adjusting or positioning my lace. It has a great minty smell. You got to give it a try. You will love it!
Tiffany This stuff is amazing. I use it for cleaning and touching up my hairline and it does an excellent job of doing so. I haven't used it yet for adjusting and positioning my lace but I know this stuff will be amazing for it as well. It has a minty smell..which is okay but it does what it says and more
Tim If you don't own a bottle of this then you don't do your own hair attachments, it's that important. This is not a luxury product it's an absolute must, and will prolong the life of your system when re-positioning.
Mike Very helpful product, gives me enough time to adjust the hair piece. I have been using it for last one year. I have not tried any other product so cant compare, and this works best for me.
Aubrey Def an "all-in-one" as they claim it is! Does it all, and then some! I will never go without it again!!!
Mimi I love this product, but does it have to smell like mint? Is there a way we can have a choice of mint or odorless?
DebbieAnn Can't wear hair without it! Great stuff!
DebbieAnn Can't wear hair without it! Great stuff!
Debra I love this stuff. I use it to put my tape on my lace, I spray the lace where I am going to put the tape and put on the tape. With myself and the tape I found that when I went to take the backing off before attaching the tape would come off the lace at times with this is stays attached to the lace. The only problem I have had is that it takes awhile before it sets so need to watch that your tape has not moved. I also use this when the lace starts to lift from my head by spraying that area, a little amount, and keeping pressure until it sets again.
KLB This product works great. It does allow you the extra time to adjust your unit.
Beverly Works the way it's suppose to. The only thing is you can buy a large bottle of isopropyl alcohol in the drug store for a couple of bucks. I just refill my small 4 oz adjust-a-bond bottle. Works the same.
Kamilah I really like this item. I just was not using it correctly. I got it down now and it is great. It smells great and if you are like me and need that extra time in between adjusting your unit then try this out. I know did and I just ordered another one for back up not to mention as I said earlier I was not using it right so this is more like...a replacement! Yup this is the item for me.
Tula Great product! I use it for both clean up and adjustment of lace unit.
Angie0075 This product is great for giving me the extra time I need to get my unit positioned just right. Excellent product.
TYRA T BROOKS It is truly a great product. I would say try it at least for the quick clean up for the front of your hair line.
Brandon@HD Great product! (Of course, I work here so I might be bias)

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