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Pro-Flex Blue Mini Tab Tape Strips

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Proflex Blue Mini Tabs yield an impressively long 4-6 week hold time. Nothing mini about that! Even better: they're versatile enough to fit anywhere on your lace hair system base. More...

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Pro-Flex Blue Mini Tab Tape Strips

A high tack, mini tab tape with blue backing and dotted with small holes. Ideal for extended wear systems and should provide a secure bond for up to 4-6 weeks.

More resources: Tape not sticking as long as you'd like? Get more information about proper scalp preparation.

Tech Specs

Base MaterialLace
Hold Time4+ Weeks
Liner ColorBlue-Liner
Number of Pieces36 Pieces
ShapeMini Strips
Shelf Size (Dimensions)1.75"x.625"


For detailed instructions view our hairpiece tape application tips page.


Rambo Gets gooey after 10 days. Also, the holes in this are so small they make no difference to scalp breathability. Compare to Extendabond Plus strips - holes on that are much bigger and better.
Shaun Didn't last but a few hours after I started sweating!
Biker Gal My unit has the poly on the sides all is 14 inches long. I have always worn Walkers Blue Liner Tape, but decided to give this a try. The gals at Hair Direct told me to be sure & put the red liner tape down first & then the Proflex Blue Mini Tabs on top of that. They reminded me again before we hung up to use red liner tape first. We ride motorcycles, so we are on the road a lot & sometimes have to be ready to leave in an hour. So.........I was in a real hurry & decided that I would go ahead this time not to use the red liner tape, so I slapped these mini tape tabs around my unit & off we ride...was gone about 3 days....tape was fantastic! When we got back home, I started to take the unit off so I could wash it.....GOOD GRIEF!!!! The tape had become my scalp....I had a "Hot Mess" to figure out, cursing myself the whole time as to why did I not listen to the gals that are the professionals???.....I used solvent remover.....acetone...dawn dish liquid...alcohol...over & over. It was late at night, I had finally removed a lot of the sticky pieces & when I say sticky....I mean STICKY!!! so I went on to bed. Next morning I started again...Luckily none had gotten on my unit hair. So take it from an "ol lady" in the biker world....USE THE RED LINER FIRST.....!!!! Ride On, Biker Gal
Anthony Which side of the tape goes on the scalp or which side to base ?
Gorden I have oily skin and have searched for a extended wear tape in which I could get 3+ weeks bond time. After I remove the old tape, I clean the sticky glue residue with Dawn dish detergent. It works great to breakdown and remove the greese and sticky residue and its gentle enough to shampoo the unit in. After this dries, if their is any sticky residue remaining I take a wash cloth and dip in alcohol and lightly rub. After the skin base has dried, I apply the blue mini strips to the prementer of the base. Set aside. Shampoo your hair. I use Dawn dish detergent because it will remove all the oils from my hair and scalp. Dry hair as usual. Next apply a product called "No Sweat" it creates a barrier between your scalp and unit. Let dry. Then peal off the tape tabs and position unit in scalp. I get about 3+ weeks hold time using this method. It was a trial and era. Once this tape adhere s to the scalp it isn't going anywhere. It is by far the best extended wear tape I have came across. I give it 5 stars and 2 thumbs up.
Viper Good hold on a skin piece. removal is best to use a hair dryer to heat then easily remove. cleanup is easy. only tape i use on skin piece and lasts about 9 days then I remove for a new set of tape. tape is flexible, so much that it just fits close to your scalp. 5 stars.
steve I use this tape for the front of my unit. The rest is bonded. The tape lasts a week, which seems to be about the max of any I've used over the years. The price here is excellent compared to my salon, so I've been ordering from here for a couple of years.
Joshua This tape worked well on the parts of my scalp where I had absolutely no oily scalp issues. On the very front however, where my scalp is very oily, this tape turned to complete goo, to the point of actually drifting the tape up my scalp and even drifted from on the area attached to the system. However, it held so well on my non-oily temple area that it took quite a bit of work to get it to let go when I removed it at 2 weeks. So for good signs that it would work amazingly well if not for my oily skin I give it 4 stars despite my personal issues related to skin type.
Gerard I live in Florida and it's HOT and sweaty. I can get about a week out of these, except for the back which doesn't last quite as long. I may try some glue on the tapes in the back. they come off very easily when soaked in solvent. I use glue on the very front -Davlyn Green mostly - and it works pretty well - can touch it up if needed.
ANGELA For extra hold in the back you have to buy the Vapon No Tape Liquid or XL Ghost Bond. It works excellent for me and the back stays longer then the front after 3 weeks.
Maria Very easy tape to work with. I never see a shine when in the sunlight . Clean up is so easy and bond is very secure. One of my favorites!!
Mark Tape holds great, does have some shine to it the first day and the process to make holes in the tape leaves little white dots of paper stuck to the tape, seems to be undetectable when worn however.
katina This is very good adhesive! It feels very secure. I only keep my unit on a week at a time. It is tight! I have not had any luck with keeping the back down though. If anyone has any ideas let me know! Thank you, Kay
Kamilah Ecellent item due to its breathable function and the small size it offers. I really like the how it can hold for so long I had my system on for about 3 weeks straight and it really lasted. The clean up is very simple no stick residue to clean off it came off in one shot with the remover solven. I have ordered this time for the fourth time so far.

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