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MAX Matrix Lace A Contour Tape Strips, 3 inches


Matrix Lace Tape 3/4" A Contour Strips give you a three-week hold, no matter what base material you’re wearing. And they've been designed for easier cleanup than other extended wear tapes! More...

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MAX Matrix Lace A Contour Tape Strips, 3 inches

Matrix Lace Tape 3/4" A Contour Strips are going to be your stickiest new best friends. That's because not only do they hold down your hairline like crazy, but they're versatile, high-tech and they make cleanup a breeze.

Expect up to three weeks of solid hold with these strips. Matrix Lace Tape has more than enough tack to stick to lace, and it's super stretchy, so it will flex with your base, not pull away from it. MAX says it works just as well on poly and conventional base materials, too!

The most interesting thing about MAX's tape is its carrier. Hair system tape consists of an adhesive and a carrier, which gives the tape its shape. In most extended wear tapes, the carrier dissolves along with the adhesive, adding to the gummy sludge that sometimes even gets into your system's hair. What a mess!

MAX found a way to make cleanup easy. The carrier in Matrix Lace Tape is solid, but stretchy. It separates two layers of adhesive and doesn't break down. When you're ready to remove your system, you can peel off the carrier and clean up with Matrix Lace Remover.

This isn't a no-shine tape, so MAX suggests dulling the surface with a clean makeup sponge or your fingertips.

Whether or not you're familiar with MAX products, you owe it to yourself to take these strips for a spin. Then be sure to tell us what you think in the Reviews tab!

Tech Specs

Base MaterialLace
Hold Time2 to 4 Weeks
Liner ColorWhite-Liner
Number of Pieces36 Pieces
ShapeA Contour
Shelf Size (Dimensions).75"x3"
Susan I can tell you I don't understand anybody saying this does not hold well because I use this tape on my wig and I ride all amusement park rides at Dollywood including Lightning rod coaster and does not move at all. I remove after 5 days but it is still stuck very well. Recommend this product highly.
Kiki First let me say that I wear full lace wigs and generally remove my piece daily. As a result, I dont know about the duration of the hold but I can say that it provides a really good hold. My piece is extremely secure. Haven't experienced how this tape holds up in water or if you simply just start to sweat.
Olga Definitelly overpriced. It does not work on me. I get a one day hold and the tape comes off when getting wet.
Keith My skin gets oily, so theres no tape that gives a 3 week hold. I do get a good 7-10 day hold time, with super low shine and very easy clean up. Its pricey but for the front, nothing offers better hold, look and clean up,
Me I get a one or two day hold. And when the hair gets wet, the wig immediately comes loose. You can't swim or can't take a shower with your wig on.
Olga It doesn't hold well with me. Only two or three days. Blueliner tape works much better for me, than this tape. The clean up is easy though.
Sharon update: I'm now easily getting a 2 week hold....I probably could go longer, but...... Oh, and the clean up is still super easy. Now I'm wondering what to do with all the "other" tape that I have???
newme I haven't experienced 2-3 weeks hold time, but it does hold REALLY good for 10 days AND the cleanup is almost non-existent! It's pretty pricey, but I'm hooked!
Emile Max Matrix Lace Tape is the best lace tape I have ever used. Lasts more than 2 weeks and comes off so easy by applying some solvent. I will never use anything else.

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