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MAX Grafting Solution Liquid Adhesive, Clear, 4 ounces

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Huge 4oz squeeze tube of super strong, solvent-based liquid adhesive highly recommended for extended wear up to 4 weeks. More...

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MAX Grafting Solution Liquid Adhesive, Clear, 4 ounces

Huge 4oz squeeze tube of super strong, solvent-based liquid adhesive highly recommended for extended wear up to 4 weeks. Professional quality bonding. 4oz. squeeze tube.

For professional, non-surgical skin graft technology use on both lace and poly hair system bases.

WARNING: Flammable. Contains acetone. Do not use near sparks or open flame. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. In case of eye contact flush immediately with water for 15 minutes. Get medical attention if irritation develops.

Tech Specs

ApplicatorSqueeze Bottle/Tube
Bottle Size4oz (118ml)
Hold Time2 to 4 Weeks
Shelf Size (Dimensions)7"x1.5"


Use a makeup sponge or brush to apply MAX Grafting Solution to both surfaces. Spread a thin and even layer over areas to be attached. Allow to dry apart for 3 minutes. Join surfaces together. Press firmly into place. Allow to dry in place 3-5 additional minutes.


Contains inert natural and synthetic resins, acetone.
felicia I would rate the product a five but it didn't get here during the time frame I paid for in shipping. Update your website I'm closing my account purchasing product elsewhere.
Anne This product was used on my scalp for hair extensions. Had I known it contained acetone, I would have asked for something else or reconsidered extensions altogether. A test patch was never done and 7 days intoy extensions I developed a very serious infection. I had to have the extensions removed and my very thin hair is also falling out. I don't know if it is the product or improper use or a combination of both, however I am now having to endure treatment for a MRSA type infection on my scalp and the embarrassment of hair that looks less than presentable (and I am a professional) and the huge expense to correct the issue after I have already paid $1000 for the extensions and another $700 to have them removed (by another tech) and a hair piece to try to cover the damage. This is my worst nightmare!!! Avoid tid product. I can show you pictures of the burns and damage it did to my scalp.
Blan Gurston Sorry but is anyone seriously applying this product to their scalp. I hope you realize that this product is ACETONE. Not only is the product extremely flammable (bad choice for smokers or cigarettes or weed) but it causes dermatitis. Everything I mentioned so far is just pixie dust compared to the fact that it is poisonous and can cause tumors/cancer. The scalp bleed profusely when cut as there are a gazillion blood vessels close to the surface of the scalp. It would not take much for the acetone to travel via the blood vessels into your entire body/ organs, heart, etc. I wouldn't put this product on my worst enemy's genitals let alone my own scalp! SHEESH!
Debora L I love Max Grafting. I've used it for a couple of years and get about 3 -4 weeks hold. I haven't experienced the bad smell mentioned in some of the reviews, could be a body chemistry thing. It is a little pricey, but it lasts me about a year, so to me, it's worth it.
Guy ive used this product for a long time . holds very well .at least 5 weeks..and i wash my hair every day or evry other day
Casey For me, product did not hold. I have NO hair stubble, and once this product dries, it doesn't adhere to smooth skin -- it peels right off. For those with at least a little hair, the product will probably grip the vellus hairs and hold -- but for those who are completely hairless, this product is useless. Consequently, I did not even get a full day's use until it started lifting.
Dorian Excellent hold for about 2 to 3 weeks. Begins to smell bad within a week if you exercise a lot and perspire. Not sure if it is the product that smells or a combination of sweat with the product. Because of the smell and some skin irritation that has developed, I am looking for a new product.
sweetpea i use this product and like it, it hold for about 3 weeks,and is much easier to use than other products which some are hard to use they leave a mess. and clean p isn't too bad. works good also if u wash your hair like every 3-4 days.
Kelvin Holds for about a week then turns gooey. Does not perform as advertised.
Tracey Holds great but began to smell bad after 2 weeks. Not sure if it is the product or body chemistry issue.

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