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HairDirect HD Skin® Mega Kit

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The absolute easiest and most effective way to care for, maintain and wear your HD Skin™ hair system is with the HD Skin Mega Kit! This kit includes every item we utilize in the HD Skin video learning series — it's 19 products in all! More...

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HairDirect HD Skin® Mega Kit

From attachment to removal, and everything in between, the HD Skin Mega Kit provides you worry-free assurance that you have all the tools to be successful with a thin skin system. The HD Skin is one of the thinnest systems on the market and features a revolutionary application process. Because of the system's uniqueness, proper care and maintenance is quite important—get everything you'll need, all at once, with these 19 products in one!

ProTouch FusionBond Adhesive 2.3oz
This super-strong adhesive allows you to use your system again after removal. Apply and dry, and you'll have the same strong bond that came with the pre-applied adhesive!

ProTouch FusionBond Precision Pen 
This revolutionary item makes touch–ups so easy, it's a must-have! It's the same great FusionBond Adhesive, but in an easy and effective pen applicator.

ProTouch Adjust A-Bond 4oz
Gets you the perfect hair system placement every time. Just spray on your scalp right before you attach your system, and it allows you move your base around on your head until it's in the right spot.

ProTouch Deep Cleaning Shampoo 16oz
Have an active lifestyle or an oily scalp? Check out this shampoo for a deep, gentle and thorough cleansing of your hair system.

ProTouch Hydration Shampoo 16oz
Is it possible to have too much moisture in your system? This shampoo rejuvenates your hair with life and manageability. It coats every strand with a mix of organic proteins that leaves hair soft and tangle–free.

ProTouch Replenishing Shampoo 16oz
This gentle and safe shampoo is designed to help replenish perm, colored and chemically treated hair by adding moisture to your hair system.

ProTouch Spray On Leave In Conditioner 16oz
This spray-on, leave-in conditioner will keep your system feeling amazingly soft. Built–in UV-ray protectors save your hair from being fried by the sun.

ProTouch No Sweat 4oz
Can't get a good attachment because your scalp won't stop perspiring? No Sweat is like an antiperspirant for your scalp! You'll get longer, stronger hold times every time.

ProTouch CleanSkin Scalp Cleaner 4oz
A secure bond needs a clean scalp, and that's where this item comes into play. Wash away dirt and oils to leave a perfectly clean scalp that's ready for your next bond.

ProTouch Scalp Cleansing Brush
This brush works with CleanSkin Scalp Cleaner to remove every trace of adhesive residue, leaving you with a cleaner scalp for a better bond. The brush bristles are soft, yet effective to remove any residue left behind.

ProTouch CleanSkin Base Cleaner 16oz
When it's time to remove the adhesive from your base, it doesn't get easier than this. CleanSkin Base Cleaner practically does all of the work for you—soak your system and walk away!

Soaking Basin
The beauty of this basin is that you can fill it with CleanSkin Base Cleaner, set your HD Skin in the basin, and just walk away. This basin keeps the whole cleaning process in one neat, clean area and includes a lid.

Glue Brush
This glue brush is quite helpful when it comes to evenly coating a hair system with FusionBond Adhesive. It makes the application process much easier, and cleaner for you as well.

Styling Comb
A simple but necessary component for all hair wearers. Whether you're styling a system to dry, or getting it just right to wear, a styling comb is irreplaceable.

Large Hand Mirror
Unless you have a helper, some tasks are pretty difficult without a mirror. Use this large hand mirror to ensure you're shaving the correct area in relation to your shaving template.

Poly Tip Blow Dry Brush
This brush is an important factor to applying leave-in conditioner. The poly tips fight against tangling, which can cause stress on a hair system and early shedding.

Styro Full Blank Head w/ T-pins
When a hair system has to dry, it's best to dry on the curved form of a head. This Styrofoam head provides a simple, effective solution that can be kept in a safe place while your system dries.

Styro Suction Cup Base
Styrofoam heads can be bumped and knocked over fairly easily if you're not careful. A suction cup base keeps your Styrofoam head in place while styling a hair system or letting it dry.

Scalp Protector Spray 2oz
Give a boost to your bond in hot and humid weather with this Walker Scalp Protector Spray. It helps prevent irritation from tape and adhesives, providing you with a comfortable bond.

This all-inclusive kit provides everything you need to take care of your HD Skin. Once you've used it, tell us what you think in the Reviews tab!

Note: T-pins pictured, but not included in kit

Tech Specs

Number of Items in Kit19
Type of UseAttachment/Removal


Please check the individual pages for each product for usage instructions.


Please check the individual pages for each product for ingredients.

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