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Pro Hair Labs Ghost Buster Adhesive Remover, 8 ounces

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TOUGH ON GLUE, NOT HAIR. Ghost Buster destroys sticky residue WITHOUT excess greasiness or hair damage. Perfect sidekick for Ghost Bond adhesive. For use on hair systems only. More...

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Pro Hair Labs Ghost Buster Adhesive Remover, 8 ounces

Super-Strong Solvent That's Super-Easy
On Your Hair!

So you really dig Ghost Bond’s incredible holding power, but now you need an adhesive remover just as tough to break it down, right? Well guess what? Ghost Buster Adhesive Remover flat-out smashes through adhesive residue like a fist in a velvet glove.

Now you'd probably expect any remover worth its salt to be full of harsh chemicals. Not so with Ghost Buster. The guys at Pro Hair Labs found a way to make this ridiculously powerful adhesive solvent in a way that won’t make you pass out from twisting off the cap. ;)

It’s a light, fruity-smelling blend, free of lanolin & aloe oils commonly found in other citrus-based solvents—a HUGE BONUS! Why? Less oils means Ghost Buster is "easy on the greasy" AND a breeze to wash off your base during cleanups. Nice!

Yep, this stuff totally whips some sticky residue tail, yet will never strip your hair’s texture, color or damage your base.

Plus, you don’t need to use a ton of Ghost Buster to get your lace or poly system squeaky clean, so it's easy on your wallet, too.

BTW, Ghost Buster performs like a champ on breaking down Ghost Bond glue, but it’ll work just as great on other adhesives, too. Remember, Ghost Buster is for hair systems only. It’s not meant to be used directly on your scalp!

Tech Specs

ApplicatorSpray On
Bottle Size8oz (237ml)
Shelf Size (Dimensions)7x1.75
Type of UseCleaning


DO NOT USE DIRECTLY ON SCALP. Soak unit overnight in container with lid. Overnight soaking will make unit very easy to clean. No scraping required, just wash with shampoo as usual.


Citrus Terpenes 94266-47-4, Nonionic Surfactant, 61791-12-6, Nonionic Surfactant 68131-39-5, Water 7732-18-5
Nick Does it's job. Only one con I have is the bottle leaks.
Pattie The BEST adhesive remover I have tried. Mild scent unlike orange scented removers. Best of all it made cleaning my system a breeze. Quickly removes the sticky adhesive from the system and also from my hands with NO oily gucky residue. Major difference, and I use tape AND Mity-Tite adhesive. Not fond of their adhesive but LOVE LOVE LOVE this product....
Jeff Smells too bad, bottle leaks, and Isoprophyl alcohol is better for me.
Christina Strong scent- not a fan. The spray nozzle provided leaks all over the place. I wouldn't buy this again. Walker solvent remover is less messy, cheaper, and does the job
genaro The smell actually made me sick - it's very strong and the odor remains in the room for days. I had to put my hairpiece outside to air out. The product got on my hands and anything I touched - door knobs, faucet handles etc. It was very difficult to remove from my hands - washed my hands all day until they were red. I'll try soaking my hairpiece in it overnight (on my deck NOT inside the house). I couldn't actually even get all of the Ghost Bond off of my hairpiece. Anyone have any comments - am I doing something wrong?
Robert A must have! I this product is amazing!
Joshua Works very well for cleanup and is safe enough to use for when it requires a soak to get all the adhesive off. I have used other adhesive removers since then, however I am considering purchasing more of this. I much prefer its more mild scent vs the common extreme orange scent that clings to everything you have touched for days.
Melinda The Ghostbuster is like no other adhensive remover! It removed the No Tape without a hassle and shortening the cleaning time of my hair unit. Additionally, it did not have the smelly and overpowering fumes. I will definitely will be purchasing more in the future.
Miamy Just received and used this product for the 1st time. It's GREAT! I use the GhostBond XL adhesive and thought I'd try this to remove residue from my hair-system. It works like magic. No stress to the hair-system. Please people, ALWAYS WATCH THE VIDEO REGARDING THE PRODUCT YOU PLAN TO USE! They are VERY helpful and will save you time, effort and keep you from damaging your skin and/or hairpiece.
Cora OMG!!!! This stuff takes the work out of cleaning up your unit. Glue doesn't stand a chance...comes off so easy, leaves no residue. I will re-order this product in the future. Please make a larger size.
1sewsweet I unfortunately purchased this product without watching the video first!! I didn't realize it was not to be used on the skin and attempted to remove my unit with this product...NO, NO, NO! As stated in the video, it's not for the skin and is much to strong, it stings! It will however remove the residue from your unit as stated.

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