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Pro Hair Labs Ghost Bond Liquid Adhesive, White, 5 ounces

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It's here! Sweat, oils, and hot weather are no match for Ghost Bond! Get your hands on the hottest-selling, most talked-about extended-wear glue in the industry! More...

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Pro Hair Labs Ghost Bond Liquid Adhesive, White, 5 ounces

Yes, Ghost Bond is FINALLY here…AND for THE LOWEST PRICE on the Internet!

We’re hearing Ghost Bond might just be THE most incredible hair system bonding glue in the history of hair replacement. Strong words, but hey, this is some seriously strong stuff!

Really, what’s not to love about an extended-wear hair glue with BUILT-IN heat, humidity and sweat busters that ALSO just happens to be super easy to clean? Plus, Ghost Bond comes from Pro Hair Labs, industry innovators in hairpiece adhesives.

Ok, let’s take a step back. It’s important to know this hype’s not ours. It’s YOURS!

When our field testers (a.k.a., hair wearers like you) started dishing out praise like, “I LOVE THIS STUFF!” and “THIS IS NOW MY GLUE OF CHOICE,” after only a short period of use, we knew Ghost Bond was something special.

So who’s NOT surprised by all the Ghost Bond love? The people behind the test tubes. Pro Hair Labs spent 10 YEARS—that’s a decade, folks—crafting and perfecting this breakdown-denying formula!

Ghost Bond is guaranteed to be:

  • Totally Safe – Non-toxic and easy on your scalp and fingers.
  • Odor, Sweat & Oil Killing – Anti-bacterial agents stamp out unwanted smells and stop premature breakdowns.
  • Weather-Defying – For a super-strong hold in humid climates.
  • Easy to Clean – No gooey mess, so faster cleanups are a snap!

We admit, Ghost Bond isn't the cheapest glue you’ll find in our store. But you better believe you’re getting it for the LOWEST PRICE in hairland. Plus, if for some reason Ghost Bond doesn’t deliver as promised, or if you’re just plain unhappy with it for any reason, you can always RETURN IT FOR A FULL REFUND.

Of course, we think you’ll agree that Ghost Bond is one glue that is truly super! Order a bottle today and tell us what you think!

By the way, did you know there's a glue solvent specifically designed to break this stuff down? It's called Ghost Buster Adhesive Remover and it really does the trick on adhesive residue!

Tech Specs

ApplicatorSqueeze Bottle/Tube
Bottle Size5oz (148ml)
Hold Time4+ Weeks
Shelf Size (Dimensions) 


Poly: Apply one thin coating to the hair system base and 4 thin coatings to the head. Apply each coat as soon as previous coat turns clear (approx. 20 seconds). After the 4th coat wait 7 minutes and press hair system into place. Lace: Follow same steps for poly but DO NOT APPLY TO LACE BASE. Apply to scalp only.


No latex. No harsh solvents
Mommom I love this product. I can get a three week hold with minor touch ups. I use it around the front perimeter of my head. Really holds well in front with no touch ups needed. Does not hold quite as well in nape area, but that is a tough area to keep adhered due to movement of neck. The nape area adheres longer if you attach above the first fold of neck when you bend your head back. I sometimes use the Ghost Bond in front and the Vapon No Tape on nape. I have allergies to many glues but I have had no issues with these two products. I am very, very happy with ghost bond.
Carmen The Ghost Bond adhesive is wonderful. So far it lasts a total of 3 weeks, with minor touch ups here and there. I removed the the lace with 91%alcohol. I put the 91% alcohol in a spray bottle and sprayed the perimeter, where the adhesive and lace is attached. I let the alcohol do its thing and without force I removed the lace. When using this adhesive be mindful that using products such as coldcream, that is used to remove makeup, can also splatter on the edges of the lace therefore possibly limiting the use of the adhesive. Other than that Ghost Bond works very well, when the directions are followed accurately.
Adrina Ok I recieved my Walker's Scalp Protector and Ultra Hold glue plus NS-Pro 9000PX No Shine A Contour tape...I love these!! Not only do they work better then Ghost Bond but they clean up easy...Ghost Bond leaves a big mess on your unit. I guess because u use 4 layers but the hold is terrible!!! I spent alot less and got a way better hold with the products named above. I don't have sensitive skin but I do have oily skin and I live in Memphis so the weather can get sticky and hot. But TO ME u should turn away now from Ghost Bond only good thing is it is easy to apply. No strands of glue flying and it smells, looks, and feels like school glue lol. I hope this helps :-)
Adrina It really didn't work well like I heard smh I was so sure it was gonna b great that I purchased the largest bottle...BIG learning lesson a real waste of like $70. I'm gonna see if I use a scalp protector maybe it will hold better because I have oily skin. But I'm also purchasing Ultra Hold and NS-Pro 9000PX No Shine A Contour to see how those work for me. I've used UH before but I didn't like the stringy glue texture but hey in my opinion it works pretty good when combined with tape. I've never tried this tape but I like that it's no shine which is something I did like about the GB.
Hevvy3 Just tried this product and unfortunately, it does not work for me. Within a day the unit started lifting. I find it messy and it definitely does not stick. I followed the instructions to the letter. Will try again, but, if it does not work, it's going in the trash!!
Tonja I watched the reviews on Youtube and decided to try this product. I have used Ultra Hold for 10 years and even though it has a great hold (4-5 weeks), the mess and cleanup was horrible. I wanted to try this bond because I have oily skin and workout alot. I received the bottle and went online to go over the directions again. I read the negative reviews and I am not sure what they are doing wrong but this product works and works well. I made sure I cleaned my hair line and the lace front with 99% alcohol. I applied four layers of the Ghost Bond and let the last one dry for 10 minutes. I attached my lace front and put my scarf on for 15 minutes. I hold is tight without any tacky residue. I worked out this morning and did cardio for an hour. Sweated a lot and it is still in place. I hope it cleans up well because that was another problem I had with UH. I used the C-22 remover and hope it does the trick.
jmg I love this bond it's the best.I can work out and take a shower and not worry about it not holding.It costs more but I think it's well worth it!
China I saw several You Tube reviews. So I decided to try it. Well I m very disappointed on this product. I follow the direction and still it would not hold no longer than a week.
Mickie B. I had to take the time to write a review ghost bond is this best adhesive bond on the market. You will be amazed with the hold. I have tried just about everything on the market and hands down ghost bond is the best on the market. It cost a little more but you get what you pay for a long lasting hold. Trust you will not be disappointed.
Natalie I like to wear my piece for about three to fours weeks, as I was doing with the salon I was going to, but with this I only get a weeks worth of wear. I have a oily scalp and live in FL. So I need the best, longest lasting bond that I can possible get. I don't want to be changing the glue every six or seven days. I've followed the directions that are on the bottle and looked at the applying adhesive videos and still can't get a decent bond with it. The first part to come undone is the front and that is a big concern to me. After about a week I can just peel it off that is how awful this product is.
Richard THIS IS A JOKE RIGHT? I applied this on Saturday and left it 48 hours without shampooing. This morning first shampooing and the front (only place I use adhesive, normally Ultra Hold, Mighty Tite irritates my skin terribly) LIFTED RIGHT OFF WITHIN A MINUTE (using ProTouch Hydration Shampoo). THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED with other products and I have never sent anything back to HD for a refund but this is just simply WORTHLESS ON LACE. There wasn't ANY glue stuck to the lace, It was stuck before I shampooed. When I applied it and it was tacky, it seemed very well bonded but WATER IS ITS BITTER ENEMY. If you don't shampoo, it might hold. This is nothing more than Elmer's Glue. Got to get my money back on this junk. I expect HD to test and help us to avoid scams like this. I am really FURIOUS about this. I missed an important meeting this morning.
Liz Out of all the messy glues and applicators I have tried, this one beats them all HANDS DOWN!!!! I love the squeeze bottle easy application. The bond is super strong but doesn't pulll and contract as it dries, wrinkling your skin. Comfort is key for us living in the humid tropics. I have used it already for 4 weeks and I only took it out to get my baby dreads properly cleaned, otherwise I had washed the system without major damage to the bond (only needed tiny touch ups around the edges after a wash). I am glad my search is over!!! I bought several bottles and I sold one to my hairdresser here and he's raving about it too. GhostBound is the miracle cure for lace wigs in the tropics...and you know how we keep dunking our selves in the water.......
BeeJay I'm sorry... OK, when I'm wrong I say I'm wrong. I was ready to send it back. When I watced my girls on youtube (I swear y them) I figured I'd give it another try. I must not have followed directions exactly (had to be me) because I must be missing something. WELL I TRIED IT AGAIN! TRULY I TAKE IT BACK! THIS STUFF WORKS! I've been wearing my Full Lace unit for 10 days. Slight touch up in a couple of places and I think I could probably go for another 8 days but I like to take care of my own hair. Give it a try. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS EXACTLY (get directions from the GB website) and you will be very happy trust me, I am now.
BeeJay I reviewed this once before but it's gone mising??? It does not work with lace wigs (swiss or french), and it's the only glue that irritated me and I've used them all. If you're looking for a similar consistancy try Aqua Bond. It's the best. I got a 2wk plus hold from it. This has same day lifting & has no directions?
crystalBald This has been a life saver so me for the first time since I been wearing my unit I don't have to worry about lifting and I get true hold time one week with no touch ups or reattaching! I love this stuff! I do wish it came in a bottle with an applicator brush but I just clean out an old bottle brush and filled it with the ghost bond. I do have to say before I used ghostbond, I cleaned my unit with goo gone and I did not wash my unit to remove the excess oil and it still held for me. Clean up is a snap using 99% alcohol and a mirror slide
Ruby I followed all directions from the online adverising but it did not bond to the lace. Also, there were no directions for clea up
Ruby I followed all directions but it would not bond to the lace and there are no directions on how to use it or to remove and clean the scalp.

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