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Pro Hair Labs Ghost Bond Classic Liquid Adhesive, White, 1.3 ounces

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NEW SMALL SIZE! Sweat, oils and humidity are no match for Ghost Bond, the "Superman" of extended wear glues! It's the hottest liquid adhesive in hair replacement! 1.3oz. More...

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Pro Hair Labs Ghost Bond Classic Liquid Adhesive, White, 1.3 ounces


Same Great Formula...New Smaller Size!

Folks keep raving about Ghost Bond liquid adhesive like there’s no tomorrow. Our shelves can't get dusty—this stuff's out of the door too darn fast! Seriously, Ghost Bond is so popular we had to ask Pro Hair Labs to whip up some all-new smaller sizes, just to keep up with you guys.

But don’t let the tiny bottle fool ya! It’s made from the same muscle-bound formula as the 5oz size. In fact, we’re hearing Ghost Bond might just be the most incredible hair system bonding glue in the history of hair replacement. Strong words, but hey, this is some crazy strong stuff!

Really, what’s not to love about an extended-wear hair glue with
built-in heat, humidity, oil and sweat busters that ALSO happens to be super easy to clean? Plus, Ghost Bond comes from Pro Hair Labs. They spent 10 YEARS developing this nearly breakdown-proof glue!

Ghost Bond is guaranteed to be:

  • Totally Safe – Non-toxic and easy on your scalp and fingers.
  • Odor, Sweat & Oil Killing – Anti-bacterial agents stamp out unwanted smells and stop premature breakdowns.
  • Weather-Defying – For a super-strong hold in humid climates.
  • Easy to Clean – No gooey mess, so cleanups are a snap!

And remember, no worries with us. If Ghost Bond doesn’t live up to the hype, or if you’re just plain unhappy with it, return it for a full refund.

Of course, we think you’ll agree that Ghost Bond is one truly "super" glue! Order a bottle today and tell us what you think!

By the way, did you know there's a glue solvent specifically designed to break this stuff down? It's called Ghost Buster Adhesive Remover and it really does the trick on adhesive residue!

Tech Specs

ApplicatorSqueeze Bottle/Tube
Bottle Size1.3oz (38ml)
Hold Time4+ Weeks
Shelf Size (Dimensions)3.25x1.25


Poly: Apply one thin coating to the hair system base and 4 thin coatings to the head. Apply each coat as soon as previous coat turns clear (approx. 20 seconds). After the 4th coat wait 7 minutes and press hair system into place. Lace: Follow same steps for poly but DO NOT APPLY TO LACE BASE. Apply to scalp only.


No latex. No harsh solvents.
TK Great product for winter/cooler climates. Decent in warm climate, but not for humid climates, or hot showers. I've had a few cases where the glue will turn white in humidity, or even a warm shower. I think it's best suited for poly bases as the glue is not exposed to the elements like lace bases. I get a solid week hold, and then can wear another week with a semi decent hold/minimal touch-ups with this Ghost Bond Classic.
Bg I followed their instructions, 4 coating on the skin and one coating on the lace, still did not last more than 7 days! Also, if they claim their product is strong and "Ultra hold", why would I need to apply 4 layers! I'd look for another product that is one coating and stronger!
Anonymous What's strange, is when it comes to lace type of bases, I love Ultra Hold Adhesive. The duration is similar to Ultra Hold if you do multiple layers with Ghost bond when you have a lace base. However, for me, I feel more secure with Ultra Hold with lace bases, probably because Ghost Bond breaks down with water due to it being a water based adhesive, and lace leaves it more exposed. But when it comes to skin, I absolutely love Ghost Bond. It's MUCH cleaner, and it feels like it holds much longer and better than Ultra Hold. (I know, sounds hard to believe.) Something about how it breaks down underneath skin type of bases, I feel Ghost Bond beats Ultra Hold. This is ONLY if I do 2+ layers of it. I can't stress that enough. Doing 1 layer will absolutely do you no good. The difference between 1 and 2 layers is phenomenal. (And I mean that in both cases of Skin AND Lace bases.) For those who are curious, I wait quite a while between both applications of each layer, ~10 minutes. With 2 layers of Ultra hold with a skin base, I get ~4 days of a strong hold then it weakens. With 2 layers of Ghost Bond with a skin base, I get well over a week with Ghost Bond, then it weakens. (Could probably push to 2 weeks.) (As you can tell, I'm the type with the skin type that DESTROYS adhesives quickly.) Hope this review was helpful.
N.N.A This bonding on this Adhesive last about 4+ weeks so I am very happy with this product and do recommend. This product do require to be patient and require to follow the procedure exactly, or else it will not hold or/and get in hair which will cause the hairs to stick and fall out.
Pattie Disappointed. It lasted one day before becoming loose. And the bottle came with a crack on the area where the cap screws on and it was a mess. Lost more glue than I used.. Going back to my Mity Tite, it last me for 3 weeks and its my hair growing underneath that loosens it. I use tape on the poly base of the system with a coat of mity tite at the edges, use No-sweat on my scalp with another coat of mity tite. you cant rip that off if you tried.. Before using the No-sweat I had issues with irritation on my scalp but not anymore.
Cassandra I was extremely hesitant to buy this product because its not cheap and because of all the mixed reviews. But I thought I'd take a chance because I really wanted to try a new adhesive. The first time I used it I was soooo upset. It didn't stick at all, the glue turned white and gummy in one day. The glue doesn't come with instructions and I had applied it the way that i normally do with my previous glue. So I found the instructions online and followed it exactly and I'm in LOVE! This is honestly the best glue Ive ever tried hands down. This is now week 3 and the hold is still as strong as day 1. It hasn't turned white, you cant see the residue through the lace there's no greasy gummy junk in the baby hairs. Its honestly perfect. I would say to those who its not working for try it again with the instructions from the company and don't be discouraged. Because if i hadn't given it a second try I would've missed out on a great product
Keetes It is a relatively good hold for my full lace wig. Although now it is getting hotter and i'm starting to sweat a lot more the glue is starting to break down and go white very quickly! I'm only getting 1-2 days hold out of this :( I don't know whether i'm doing it wrong or anything but not a very long hold for me :(. I will keep trying it and hopefully I figure out what's wrong but I will probably look elsewhere for a glue that stands up to my expectations! I have used ultra hold in the past and it gave a really good hold for me but it did irritate my skin! will be continuing my hunt for a good adhesive!
kd I have been using gb for about 4 years now and I must say it has been very good for me I love it.
Kay It's the middle of winter and not humid at all and this adhesive lasted about 24 hours. And my skin isn't very oily. I can't believe I wasted good money on this product.
Caitlin I ordered my very first wig this year and did a lot of research on how I wanted to apply it. I live a very active lifestyle and ghost bond is a great product. However, you MUST be patient and apply all 4 layers to get the most extended wear out of your unit. My first time I didn't have to touch up til after 2 weeks. Thank you ghost bond!
Jamie Been using it for 2 weeks. Helps with irritation as i find the other glues make my skin red and sore. Sadly it doesn't stick to well. If you shower after applying it, unlike others your system is sliding off. I don't think ill get it again. It just doesn't have the strength i need to get through a few days or even a week. Unreliable.
Chandra I used this for the first time yesterday. Looked great. Dries clear and easy to use. I have had it on less than 24 hours and it is already coming off!!!! But since other people seem to think this works, I can only imagine that it must depend entirely upon skip type. I work out and tend to sweat from my scalp. So I guess this might be better if you don't sweat a lot or have oily skin. For me, this was a total waste. Doesn't work at all. Barely got ONE day out of it!!!!
Ajanae Nicole Is this water proof ?
Joshua I have really oily skin and live in a very hot, humid area. However, based on the first 2 days I really loved this glue. But by the 3rd it had completely broken down and looked like I had used some cheap, white craft glue. I really like the fact that it is water based though and am currently giving GB XL a try.
Melinda I used the product for the first time this morning. This is the first time that I have obtained a strong bond without the excess shine. It is very gentle and didn't bother my skin and wasn't messy. Looking forward to seeing how long the bond holds.
S.Law Loveeeee this product!!!!
Pat just used ghost bond today...late to the ghost bond party and sorry I didn't try it sooner..put 4 layers as recommended and OMG..waited 7 minutes and attached my hair with stick it and it bonded almost immediately no spaces or gaps in the front hairline where I will use it primarily...just ordered the xl..this is a keeper to me! :)
Sherika I am the same Sherika below who said it didn't work for hot climates. Well, I have had a change of heart. I found out that what I was doing wrong but not using anything to protect my hair and my scalp and to stop myself from sweating so much. My trick? Using hair spritz to make my hairline dry and stiff and then applying the adhesive. It worked! Today is day 3 and I have no lifting. The way it is holding right now I doubt it will come off in 1 or 2 days. I'm going to try the XL next!
Sherika I think Ghost Bond is only for those in cooler climate. Where I live it is tropical and because of that is usually humid and hot. The first time I applied this it lasted for about 2 days even after going to a water park and getting dunked. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th tries were complete failures. It would not hold for even 10 minutes! I have no idea what to do or try anymore. I even tried sitting in front of a fan on high and I tried different amounts and different drying times but it just wouldn't hold.This pricey glue is a complete HIT OR MISS.
renee I had a very different experience with this glue I unfortunately have extremely sensitive skin and it was highly irritated after using it the correct way even with the scalp protectant. However, if my skin was normal this glue would be amazing because the hold is incredible if you apply it the correct way because I applied it the wrong way thinking it was right and it lifted within a couple hours but then I treied again and had success. This is a great product but you must follow the directions exactly the way it says in the description and also apply with a clean applicator or your fingers will also work well too. so people do not flood this product with bad reviews just because you cannot follow the directions.
Shawanda I have trying since 10 am to get this glue to stick and it will not,it keeps coming a loose,i am really upset amd i will be returning it, i went on youtube and did exactly as i saw on the reveiws,it still doesnt work for me at all,is it something im doing wrong,wow....never again....
Candy This product is deceptive. At first it gives a great hold, does not shine through the lace and looks very real. It may stay that way for a while as long as you dont have the cheek to sweat, shower or raise body temp at all. I have used it as instructed on manufacturers website, put on 4 layers, counted 7 minutes to the second and been a couch potato for 24 hrs to ensure that it cures. Despite this the first time you shower or sweat or get hot the glue softens, becomes white again and lace raises. I have tired many times and the same results. It makes you worried to do normal things, why should I be afraid to get slightly warm or use a hairdryer or have a shower. Why the manufacturer would make a product that can not tolerate heat or perspiration is beyond me Coupled with this it is horrible to remove from skin. So I am making this 'ugly' comment based on experience- this product is a waste of time and money, purchase at your own risk . Prolabs scammed us all. Although it might be sticky and less easy to apply, nothing but nothing beats davlyn.
shanay Ive been using ghost bond for almost a year now and love it. i was looking on google looking for a good glue for lacefronts and run into a youtube video from a girl named miya i believe, she explained how 2 apply and i seen how good da glue held and how real da glue makes ya lacefront look i then went on the website and ordered it. Shipping was fast and product was amazing and every since i found this glue (ghost bond) that cheap 30 sec lacefront glue they sale in stores doesnt get the right to get bought by me ghost bond blows any lacefront glue off da map. 5 starssssss from me thank u hair direct
Kat The first time I tried this product, I had a two day hold... Later, only because I only use this product on my human hair wigs only, I tried it again with endura bond, which did not hold. The third time I tried this product, It only lasted because I read the directions online and on You Tube... I have used this product since, and it has lasted three weeks+ with no lifting. The only thing I could suggest is that the directions should be included with the product, and although I am not a fan of paper, I think that in this case the instructions should be included with the product. Needless to say, I am a fan of GhostBuster Adhesive!
janet I too, had similar experiences as mentioned by others. I always do extensive research on my online orders. I kind of received mixed reviews on Ghost Bond, but went ahead & gave it a try. Well, I was absolutely satisfied with my application at first however, the back just kept lifting. I was so frustrated, mind you, I was on vacation. I tried to reapply a few times & eventually just gave up. I followed the instructions as directed. The front held up for about 4-5 days, on the flip side, I did have a break out around my nape from the attempts of reapplying the glue. This was my first time ever using adhesive glue, and I found Ponds being the most solvent for the clean up . . .not to messy either. I'm not going to give up on it just yet. I'll give it another try, maybe I'll be lucky second time around, along with some adhesive tape. In the meantime, I'm still on the hunt for a 100% legit adhesive with no lifting.
Lisa I wanted to add it fooled me into thinking I had a great hold only to touch my hair and find that it had lifted its an awful feeling. When I first used Ghost Bond I thought the hold was solid it never was though it would stick if you flatten it again. Ghost Bond made me very insecure about my Lace Front I would never use a product like this. Even the sticky glues stick!!
Lisa Didn't work for me boy was I disappointed after my excitement to use this product I did get an initial hold I could even do the pull to prove it had a great hold but within minutes it would lift. I had more trouble removing the glue from my skin then the lace itself had no trace of glue none!! I have dry skin I should be the perfect candidate, I applied correctly several attempts no luck I had to try it but I wasted my money for sure!
Missdiorcherie I sweat in my head and one layer of this adhesive is holding strong for about 5 days as I speak....I have no complaints :)
Becky I had the same problems other people did. At the beginning I thought I was applying correctly. This adhesive did not hold at all. Within an hour there would be lifting and the lace was easily pulled away. I was so frustrated I wanted to throw it away. Instead I went on line and read several other postings about how to apply. I went back and tried again. This time it worked! It is now my favorite adhesive. It dries clear and holds really well with only minor touch ups. I can get at least 7 days wear out of an application. The bottle also lasted me a long time. The one thing I did notice is that it looks a lot like Elmers Glue and even smells like it. Anyone else notice this?
Sonya Excellent, you must follow the instructions to get the maximum hold. My unit stayed on for three weeks without any lifting. I am going to try the XL version next time just to see if I can get the same type of hold.
Rayn I seen reviews on this glue b4 buying & has been using it for almost or about a year. The hold has been great for me. I have washed my face, got the lace wet, took showers & still the glue has kept it's hold. I have tried those other silicon based clear glues...their no good. They only hold for a day tops b4 they started making my unit slide. If this glue doesn't work for you, maybe it doesn't mix with your body chemistry...but if it's old it will come out thick and not smooth well..resulting in a poor hold. Hopes this helps :o)
Bree people are ignorant! The reason why the product is not working because you don't know how to READ DIRECTIONS! You have to do your research about these things before you spend your money! I am not a rep for hair direct, and i know that everyone is not going to be satisfied, but don't make ugly reviews just to be making them!..Please&ThankYou :)
CenaFan This stuff does exactly as directed. Put 3 layers on and didn't lift up for 2 weeks!! Now this was for my lace unit, I will be getting a full Poly Skin unit soon and I can't wait to see how well it will do for that one. Ghost bond is the best!! ; )
Meme Don't believe everything you read. This product is just ok. First use and it only held my piece for a day. I don't have oily skin and this product came off with my face being washed. Trust me, I did put two layers and followed instructions. I watched videos on You tube and felt convinced to get but I now see it works differently with everybody. They have a new one out and I'm going to try that out and see how that works.
Richard Unbelievable reviews! I must be crazy. This is junk. I've been wearing hair for years and I'm warning you. Don't. Lifts right off with first shampooing. If only there was a no-star option.
penelope this product is highly overrated and is not meant for extended wear! if you only want a 2-3 day hold then this is the product for you! i completely followed the directions and did not sweat or shower for 24 hours in order to let the glue cure and it still didn't hold the way it says. one good thing is that clean up is very easy using gb remover. i switched to davlyn waterproof and that glue is the best!!!!!!!
MavGok i Have tried 3-4 Types of water based adhesives and Ghost Bond is a clear winner among them. From my experience these are the factors that matter the hold time: 1. If the Hair system is not of appropriate size (Slightly bigger for eg.) 2. Excessive sweating 3. How well the lace area is cleaned 4. Head wash.
Cindy This product does not live up to the hype, I followed the instructions repeatedly and am yet to get the hold that was promised. I am greatly disappointed.
Bre I HATED THIS ADHESIVE . It is not resistant to water nor sweat . Lifts after steam from a shower! awful and a waste of my money.
Andrea Followed instructions exactly and three different times with no success. Sending it back!
Anita GB is amazing!!! This adhesive is very gentle on my skin and I get a 10 day hold. Clean up is easy as well :-)
OKG I want to cry because my $200 unit is ruin :(... This product is a mess it never glued properly. I followed the instructions exactly. The glue held on tightly to my lace alright but took a chunk of hair with it too! I can't even get a refund because I took my anger out on the glue by throwing it out the window! Please don't waste your time!!!!
David It worked a treat for me. I followed the 3 layer direction and it held for 4 days, + one shampoo and what I really liked is the fact it cleans up easily - will be using it regularly now.
kankan I could not get my wig to stay down with this stuff i followed directions do not work for me!!!!!!!
850CSI Couldn't even get the product out of the container it was so thick. threw it out after one use
LaLa I was so relieved to be free of my extra sticky, drippy, and stringy glue that I'm typically used to. As long as you follow the directions this stuff is really great! It applies so much easier and with less of a mess. I do still have issues with my nap area after a work out, but that's after a good 5 days. It's a keeper for me!
Richard THIS IS A JOKE RIGHT? I applied this on Saturday and left it 48 hours without shampooing. This morning first shampooing and the front (only place I use adhesive, normally Ultra Hold, Mighty Tite irritates my skin terribly) LIFTED RIGHT OFF WITHIN A MINUTE (using ProTouch Hydration Shampoo). THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED with other products and I have never sent anything back to HD for a refund but this is just simply WORTHLESS ON LACE. There wasn't ANY glue stuck to the lace, It was stuck before I shampooed. When I applied it and it was tacky, it seemed very well bonded but WATER IS ITS BITTER ENEMY. If you don't shampoo, it might hold. This is nothing more than Elmer's Glue. Got to get my money back on this junk. I expect HD to test and help us to avoid scams like this. I am really FURIOUS about this. I missed an important meeting this morning.
Karen When used by itself, this product sucks. HDWA adheres to the skin better. BUT when I put 1 layer of HDWA on my skin with a layer of Ghost Bond on top of it the Ghost Bond stops the oils in my skin from causing my lace unit to lift and I don't have to do touch ups when I sweat from working out. To get a 7-10 day hold without a single touch up I add a layer of Davlyn Green or Walker Water Proof adhesive on top of the Ghost Bond.
Roz. Love this stuff, just the best. I have tried many of the glues out there, and most would last me 2-3 days the most. A friend recommended I give this a try. I kept putting off buying it because it was a bit expensive then the others.. Plus, its a water base glue. Most of those I have tried it the past, only work for me for maybe 5-8 hours. My friend kept bugging me to try Ghost Bond. I finally did, and now I just love it. For me it will hold for 3-4 weeks if I want. Its very easy to clean up, but you must follow the instructions to apply it for it to really work.
BeeJay I'm sorry... OK, when I'm wrong I say I'm wrong. I was ready to send it back. When I watced my girls on youtube (I swear by them) I figured I'd give it another try. I must not have followed directions exactly (had to be me) because I must be missing something. WELL I TRIED IT AGAIN! TRULY I TAKE IT BACK! THIS STUFF WORKS! I've been wearing my Full Lace unit for 10 days. Even pulled it up into a tight pony tail. Slight touch up in a couple of places and I think I could probably go for another 8 days but I like to take care of my own hair. Give it a try. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS EXACTLY (get directions from the GB website) and you will be very happy trust me, I am.
Keekee Save your money! Lifts within hours.

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