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Davlyn Waterproof Liquid Adhesive, Clear, 0.5 ounce

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For a tough, waterproof, extended wear adhesive Davlyn Waterproof adhesive ranks among the top. More...

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Davlyn Waterproof Liquid Adhesive, Clear, 0.5 ounce

This liquid bonding adhesive is recommended for extended wear (1-3 weeks) but NOT for daily wear. It's also waterproof so showering, swimming and tough workouts are no problem. The 1/2 oz. bottle is compact enough to carry in your pocket or purse so it's great for touch-ups and emergency situations! 1/2oz travel size glass bottle.

Tech Specs

ApplicatorBrush On
Bottle Size.5oz (15ml)
Hold Time1 to 2 Weeks
Shelf Size (Dimensions)2.75" x 1"


Brush on clear base or tape. Wait 3 minutes before positioning unit and press firmly into place. Allow 10 minutes more for complete contact.

REMOVAL: Use adhesive remover or solvent to release and clean adhesive residues.


CONTAINS: Ethyl Acetate.
Italia47 I've used other wig glue products even from this company that were messy, gooey, stringy, you name it; but I tried Davlyn--water-proof, regular, green--you name it, this is the best glue around and the price is always right. Other glues cannot even compare to Davlyn. I've had wig glues that were so stringy and messy after one application--once air hits, they become a horrible mess and so frustrating to deal with. If you get any on your hands it turns black. I've had to add a dab of alcohol to those messy glues which helped once or twice but then the glue becomes too diluted. We shouldn't have to deal with this mess period! So far, with Davlyn glue, I don't have to worry about it. Never stringy or gooey. Keep the cap on tight and make sure you check the expiration day on it, if any. As long as this product is on the market, I'll keep buying it! Absolutely secure, safe and fantastic! HairDirect has the best products at very reasonable prices. I'm sticking with this company!
Claraty I rarely write reviews, however this product is amazing. I live in an extremely humid city, and I sweat in my head and my forehead. Also, I workout 5x a week. Davlyn is the only adhesive I have used that I can workout and still maintain a firm hold. I use it on my lace frontal and its been lasting 14days before needing a touch up.
Phil A great product for me , but can't access it any more ,I'm in Australia and due to shipping restrictions , now not available . Hair Direct , you need to get this area sorted . Would still love to purchase from you , but now have to obtain the product elsewhere .
Tay Doesn't work well with lace based systems. I've tried this product over 7 times. I saw the rave reviews and I HAD to try it. I don't know what it is about my body chemistry but NONE of the adhesives seem to work for me. So when I saw all of these great reviews I just KNEW I found the product that would work for me. I tried EVERYTHING. I followed the directions to the T. I tried it using scalp protector, without scalp protector. I cleaned my skin with 91% alcohol. I tried 1, 2, even 3 layers but NOTHING work. I paired it with no shine tape and still nothing. I CANNOT get a hold for more than 24 hours for the LIFE of me....... I don't even know what to do anymore.
Joe Holy moly hold! I'm an extremely oily guy and having this on during tornado season would't be a bad idea! Extreme hold and love that I can get a shower, condition my curls and still have a strong hold. I put white tape down on the poly and then brush this on the tape! For my hairline I put my hairline tape on the lace then brush this on over top. However, my skin is sensitive to the ingredients and a slight rash has formed on my forehead only. Highly recommend if you like extended wear options. I could wear for a week if it wasn't for my scalp becoming irritated.
NikkiNight Davlyn Black Adhesive. Where have you been all this time? Tight hold up front where it counts, and all around. Perfect for high ponytails and whenever I want to channel my inner Abby Sciuto. The smell is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you get knowing your unit is on securely. I ordered two bottles and the Davlyn remover, not going back to endura-bond. And I love the candy in my order! You rock!!😍
Kelsey Thompson I love this Glue, Davlyn, I don’t know if it was the green one or the black; it just said Davlyn waterproof, this was the first time I ever use it I Love it But you need to carry a Larger Bottle, at $7.50, i would have to buy to many. I all ways use Walkers Ultra Hold, but with the tape and this Davlyn waterproof I can deal with the will shine; I Love it Please get it in a Larger Size. I Love all your products. Thank and you or always on time Thank U
barbara BIGGER BOTTLE BIGGER BOTTLE PLEASE! i use it with stick it tape and boy does it hold - i work out and shower with my unit and it holds for about 7 days which is great because i take of the unit once a week and reapply - i still search on the internet for something easier to use but i think this is as good as it gets
dan After a six month search to find the "perfect" (if there is such a thing) bonding system for my lace piece, I found Davlyn black. My method is this: I uselong holding mini-tape strips around my parameter sides and back, and in the front I use Davlyn black because I like to show my hairline and have yet to find a tape that doesn't shine or is thin enough. My only complaint was I experienced some shine with the Davyln but I came up with this solution: put the Davlyn on, let it dry and then smear a thin coating of a white glue (I use Invis-Bond) over the Davyln. This method removes the shine so you get the very best of both worlds. Try it. It works.
lyncray I luv luv luv this product,iIhave used it for about 21/2 years,and during this time, I have tried some of the most expensive out there hoping for more,but each time I have always had Davlyn Green and also Black as my backup, and just realized stop searching it doesn't get better,just needs to be in a larger size,but happy with it anyway.
Dalvyn Green This stuff sounds like a football player from the 70's. and it holds just as strong. My top pick for lace fronts. cleans up great with mirror slide. I just use 91% alcohol on the glue that sticks to the lace for about 5 mins, then this stuff comes right off with a few slides down a mirror.
Ken W I am a professional "Santa." I wear a yak two piece beard and mustache and wig that requires a adhesive that will not release while in I am in performance. I trust this product so much. I have even allowed a few "non-believers" to pull gently on my beard and mustache during a performance and it holds! "I have tried just about every other product on the market over the past twenty five years and for this "Santa" I can truly say:Davlyn in black and green is the best darn stuff around. Happy Holidays Everyone! S.C.
penelope davlyn is my new best friend! after striking out with GB i tried davlyn and im so happy i did. this is some truly strong stuff and it is truly waterproof. it holds and up really great to sweat and oily skin. i couldn't decide whether to use davlyn black or green so i just brought both and use them together. also i did not have to combine this with tape or any other glue it works great all by itself. also remember the more coats you use the better it holds and allow for it to dry about 3 minutes in between each coat and 10 min after the final coat then apply.
Dragongirl01 I love this product. It is the only liquid adhesive I use. I also wish it came in a bigger size.
Carol I use the Davlyn black and I love it. I usually wear my system for 2 to 3 weeks before taking off and reapplying. My next system is going to be a lace front system so I am going to try the Davlyn Green. I sweat alot and I wash my hair about 2x a week and I have had really good luck using the Davlyn black . The hold is terrific. I do agree I wish it came in a larger bottle and a dab applicator would be nice to.
laura I am working on a theatrical water show and my leading artist is required to wear a lace front wig. I struggled to find a glue that could withstand one and half hours in the water and with extensive diving and 40ft drops into the pool. Much to my relief the Davlyn waterproof stays put. I know it is not intended for daily wear but it really is the only one that works. If you want guaranteed hold, this is the glue for you!
Matt Holds well for about a week but is the most messy and difficult adhesive to clean off my hair piece. I'll be tring something else.
Marguerite I loveDavlyn Green! I sweat alot and it doesn't release. I use it for the front only and allow 10 min between three applications. Since I have a full cap system, it allows the front to look perfectly natural. I have used alot of other adhesives, but this one is the best. It even works in the humid Chicago summer.
Kelvin Excellent hold that is truly waterproof. I agree with the others here that a larger size should be offered.
JN0911 Excellent bonding, and very easy to use. The downside: the small size. Also, a roll-on type applicator would be very good.
Lrigyttiw I initially ordered the Davlyn Green, but was sent the Davlyn Black by mistake. It was too late to exchange it as I was leaving the country for a week. I loved the bond. It held for 14 days for me. I wear a lace based system, and I do combine it with Vapon No Tape and Hair Direct White Adhesive. I'm going to try the Green next to see if there is a difference.
Linda The product is very good. There is no harsh smell,and it holds. However, need to offer it in larger sizes.

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