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Back2Natural Color Depositing Conditioner, Medium Ash Brown, 8 ounces

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Need to get rid of those ugly red and gold tones in your hair system? Back2Natural is the leader in color depositing conditioners. Fights oxidation and returns your hair color to its original luster. More...

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Back2Natural Color Depositing Conditioner, Medium Ash Brown, 8 ounces

Restores hair to natural color. Plus it is gentle and safe so you can use with complete confidence.

Outstanding results when used on faded hair, extensions, hair systems and relaxed, processed or damaged hair.

Strengthens and improves human hair of any texture or condition.

Important: Avoid contact with eyelashes, eyebrows, clothing or porous surfaces. Although sensitivity is unlikely a patch test is recommended.

Tech Specs

Hair ColorBrown
Size5oz to 10oz (148 to 296ml)
Type of UseColor Correction
UV ProtectionNo


Shampoo and rinse. Apply to faded areas first then massage or comb evenly through rest of hair. Leave 1-5 minutes (10 minutes for maximum effect). Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Towel or blow dry.

Use as often as you want.


Aqua (Water), PEG-40, Hydrogenate Castor Oil, Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearylkonium Chloride, Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5), Phenoxyethanol, Basic Brown 17&16, Basic Yellow 57, Basic Red 76, Basic Blue 99, Fragrance. NO PARABENS OR ANILINE DYES ARE USED IN THIS PRODUCT.
John I am contemplating purchasing this product .How ever,I read in the coloring portion of the website that if you use a thick conditioner on your system, it will cause the knots to loosen up resulting in hair loss in the system. Is this product safe to use regarding the knots?
Joe All the claims are valid. This is a great product! I have been wearing for over 30 years and this product seems to preserve the color in between new systems. Only critique, is the high price.
Sue It worked wonders on the color fade. It made my hair very soft and shiny, but it stained the base and I have doubts that I will be able to fix that. I will re-order because it is the most effective - and good for hair - product that I have found. Just wish I knew how to get the stain out of the scalp/base.
ron Mark can you explain once more how you use it? Thanks
Mark Here's how I use it to gain the full benefit of its magic. Apply to damp towel dried hair. The product is a little bit thick so I kinda scrunch it in and spray with water a bit to get it a bit more damp as I brush it through with a vent brush. Once I have an even coat in both my own hair and my hair system. I wait for 15 minutes. YES,, you can go beyond 10 minutes without harm. Then I simply rinse with luke warm water, towel dry again and DONE ! I cannot stress enough how awesome this stuff is. --- The reason I use it 15 minutes,, I have found that by the time my hair system requires a touch up that extra five minutes tends to give the system a longer lasting touch up. I know this because I can go longer between uses, and also when I go to rinse it out almost no color is in the rinse water telling me that the hair drank up all the product benefit - and because it's a conditioner that extra time just makes the hair texture better. I LOVE THIS STUFF Ps. I use Medium Natural Ash BROWN, and any hit of oxidation, or red tones disappear with one use and like I said 15minute applications get you longer lasting color management.
Daria I love this product!!! Long time had a prtoblem - my hair get yellow color and I tried a lot of coloring products but they helped me just for couple weeks then my hair became yellow again. This products helped me a lot with color. Also hair after I used this product looks shiny. Thanks for your product.
Mark One application ERASES the two tone effect instantly.. I love this stuff. I would strongly recommend going the full 10 minutes as directed on the bottle. Do that and you'll only be using this product about every other week if that much. -- don't hesitate on this purchase IT WORKS PERFECTLY !
Michael This has saved me from the start - I had issues where the system was one color and my natural hair was another - after 3 applications both matched up, now no one is staring at my hair and it looks great.
Michael Excellent product and best on the market for eliminating brassy red tones in an ash brown system. Long lasting color protection; one bottle of product lasts a long time because it is very effective!
BobRobertz Definitely go with Kenneth. I used it on an older unit and have been very pleased. Just combed it in the unit and rinsed it before attachment. The conditioner is thick enough that I didn't have to worry about it dripping down to the knots (hey, you can do anything but mess with my knots:) The product took out the harsh red tones and brought back a natural color match to my growing hair. Thanks!
Kenneth Wald I have been using this for years and don't know what I would do without it. It just a conditioner with color but it works like magic I hated that embarrassing red look my unit got and now I don't have to think about it - it's gone.

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