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This is a photo of AXIS Enzo 10oz. This is a photo of AXIS Enzo 10oz. This is a photo of AXIS Enzo 10oz. This is a photo of AXIS Enzo 10oz. This is a photo of AXIS Enzo 10oz. This is a photo of AXIS Enzo 10oz. This is a photo of AXIS Enzo 10oz.

Axis Enzo Spray, 10 ounces

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Nature's powerful buildup fighter! Axis Enzo is a selected blend of nonpathogenic bacterial cultures which rapidly seek out and destroy hair-damaging compounds, styling products and oils. More...

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Axis Enzo Spray, 10 ounces

All Axis Hair Care Products are formulated and made with only the purest ingredients.

Axis Enzo is a selected blend of highly activated, non-pathogenic, stress acclimated bacterial cultures which have the ability to rapidly digest compounds such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, greases, oils, cellulose, detergents, sugars and starches. Enzo can also be used as a facial cleanser.

Tech Specs

Bottle Size10oz (296ml)
Shelf Size (Dimensions)9"x2"
Type of UseHair Protection


For best results apply generously to hair and scalp after showering. DO NOT RINSE. Can be applied as often as needed.


Reversed osmosed water, sugar, molasses, malt from barley, freeze dried kelp, yeast.
Larry This is an excellent product that I have incorporated into my daily routine. It has helped to extend my hold time and the frequency in which I need to remove my system.
Joshua This stuff works pretty well to freshen up after a long day at work and your friends want you to come over after without time to really clean up your hair. I keep this in my desk at work just for those days. It won't get you back to freshly cleaned, but it will knock back the build up on those particularly hot and sticky days.

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