Comprehensive Training System

A woman’s quick-start guide
to custom hair replacement

Created by a woman to teach other women
how to transition into bonding custom hair
replacement systems the right way,
with more support and less stress.

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This training system taught me all I needed to know and saved me from making beginner mistakes. Not only that, but it also built my confidence, saved me money, and most of all gave me the power to take back the control that hair loss took from me.

Charlene, 27

Educate. Empower.
Reclaim Your Freedom.

If you're a woman suffering from diffused hair loss, pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia or patchy hair loss, you’re probably feeling frustrated, angry and sad. Maybe you’ve struggled with traditional wigs, clip-on hair systems or integration units. Or maybe you know none of those options are for you. You may have heard of "custom bonded hair replacement" but think it’s sounds really scary and totally confusing. After all, don’t you need a trained technician to attach or remove your hair system? And, even if you figured out how to attach it, how would you get it off? And get it back on again? How do you clean it? What if you rip it? How do you know what kind of hairpiece to order? How do you know what to do with it when you get it? You've got a few questions.

Let's start with the basics...

SmartBonds is for women who...

  • have tried other types of wigs and removable hairpieces but would like something more permanently attached to their head
  • have some viable hair on the sides and back of their head
  • want to fully understand hair system design and the bonding process before deciding to commit to it
  • want to to transition from salon service or contracts and maintain their hair from the privacy of home

What is "bonding"?

Bonding is a method of hair replacement where a hair system is attached to your scalp with medical grade adhesive. It may sound strange, but thousands of women around the world have found that bonding a custom-made hair system gives them the freedom to have a natural looking hair that is semi-permanent and allows them to have a more normal life than a conventional wig or removable hairpiece would.

This training system is full of invaluable information for someone
ready to change their life and bond for the very first time.

Ruthann, 36

What’s Inside SmartBonds?

The 5 Steps to Kick Hair Loss and Conquer Hair Replacement candidly discusses typical fears and obstacles a woman faces when considering bonding. Susan shares personal details about her journey and five steps that will help.

The manual contains over 100 pages of easy-to-follow step-by-step training. Yes, the hair comes off and you’ll see Susan do all the processes. And yes, you'll learn how to shave your head for the first time. You name it, it’s covered.

We've compiled five videos from our site to visually reinforce some step-by-step procedures included in the manual such as how to shave your head for the first time and how to do your first hair system attachment.

About the Instructor

An experienced hair wearer and veteran to the challenges of wearing hair, Susan began experiencing hair loss at the age of 12 due to genetic and health-related causes. By age 27, her advanced hair loss prompted her to undergo hair transplantation surgery, which proved unsuccessful. In the years following, she experimented with various cosmetic solutions, until she tried bonded hair replacement systems and found the solution for her hair loss.

Based on years of personal and professional experience, Susan created SmartBonds™ to take all the guesswork out of bonded hair replacement for women just like you.

Susan’s goal remains to help banish the social stigmas related to hair loss and hair replacement while empowering women to confidently wear hair.

How long will it take?

Going at a leisurely pace, the entire training will take about five two-hour sessions, dramatically cutting down on your learning curve and helping you avoid stressful and costly mistakes.

Without any formal training, learning all the technical steps for bonding and cleaning a hair system (as well as troubleshooting unique issues) could take up to a full year, all while you're struggling through the infamous “learning curve.”

With SmartBonds, we recommend you take your time and get started well in advance of ordering your hair system.

First, you'll get fully educated in all aspects of the emotional journey so you're prepared, then you'll jump right into learning all about how to order a hair system. Then take a break from the training and order your system and have some fun shopping for supplies.

About two weeks before your hair system arrives, complete the logistical part of the training system so you are fully prepared for all the step-by-step processes and the information is fresh in your mind.

Don’t take our word for it.
Take theirs.

Not only did I feel well-informed about what to do but it helped me emotionally prepare for what to expect and how to handle the feelings that would come with such a big change.

Janie, 33

I wouldn't have been able to work through my paralyzing fears about bonding if I didn't have the technical, and most importantly, emotional support received through this training system.

Leah, 43

It’s not about us. It’s about you.

One thing you might be surprised to hear is that this training system teaches you to order and wear hair from any vendor, not just Hair Direct. When Susan wrote this program, she did so from the perspective of a hair wearer, sensitive to the needs and questions most women with hair loss have. It was important to us to preserve that point of view so you get an honest and objective education.

Get *$100 off your first hair system

Tucked inside the box you’ll find a coupon for $100 off your first hair system just in case you choose to purchase your hair from us. You’ll have a year to use it before it expires. Simple as that.*

No financial risk.

We feel so strongly about this training system that we’re standing behind it 100%. Just like the hair or products you buy from us, our 30-day 100% money-back guarantee applies.

Still got questions?

We’re happy to help or just listen. If you’ve still got questions about SmartBonds or if you’re not sure if it’s right for you, give us a call at 800-424-7436, or reach out to us in our online Community. We want to help set you up for success, so please, let us know if you have questions.

$100 Coupon Offer Terms and Conditions

  1. Offer expires one year from your purchase of the SmartBonds™ Comprehensive Training System.
  2. Discount only valid for first-time clients on the purchase of their first hair system order from Hair Direct. Cannot be retroactively applied.
  3. When applied toward a new Standing Order Discount, coupon value must be converted to 20% off total cost of one unit, not to exceed $100.
  4. Discount cannot be used toward any other cost or fees such as repairs, in-house service, remakes, custom fitting kit, rush shipping, delivery fees, etc. or any other non-hair purchases.
  1. Not valid toward purchase of wigs, men’s stock systems or accessories such as hair care or maintenance products (tapes, glue, shampoo, etc.).
  2. Single use coupon, limit one per household.
  3. Cannot be combined with other offers.
  4. No redeemable cash value. All references are to US currency.
  5. Hair Direct reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this offer without notice.
  6. Offer is void where prohibited by law.