BrianD Hair System Coloring Step-by-Step Instructions

If the color of your hair system fades, or if you just want a new look altogether it's important that you know how to match the color of your own growing hair correctly. Have you always wanted to know the best way to do it? BrianD has once again offered a great tip.

BrianD is a client and member of our online community and he recently submitted these instructions on how he colors his hair system.

What You Will Need
  • Styro Half Head
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Disposable Plastic Cup
  • Lift Comb w/ Metal Teeth
  • Latex or Similar Gloves
  • Hair Coloring/Dye
How to Stats

Step One Prepare the Hair System for Coloring

Take the aluminum foil and conform it to the styrofoam head. This will protect and increase the life of your styro form. Apply the hair unit to the styro form and pin down securely.

Think a minute to decide where on your hair system you would like to color. BrianD likes to leave an area on the front of his system lighter, but this may not be the case with your own hair system.

Comb through the system with a dry comb or brush to assure it is securely attached to the styro base and that it will not come off during application.

Step Two Mixing the Coloring Ingredients

Put on the latex gloves.

Place the coloring agents into the disposable plastic cup. Be sure to use the correct quantities based on the instructions of the coloring brand you are using. Mix the coloring agents in the plastic cup using the plastic, fine tooth section of the lifting comb.

Mix thoroughly for about 1 minute until the coloring agents are well blended.

Quick Tip: See the exact products BrianD uses! Watch the video version of this technique for detailed instructions on the BrianD Coloring Method.

Step Three Apply Coloring to Hair

After mixing there should be some coloring agent on the comb. Comb the coloring agent that is on the comb directly onto the hair. Reapply coloring agent as needed and comb again.

Warning Avoid contact with the lace base material. It will stain if it is allowed to saturate the base material for a short amount of time.

Let sit with coloring on the hair system for an additional 1-2 minutes.

Step Four Rinse Hair

After the hair and coloring has been sitting for 1-2 minutes from Step 3, carefully remove the pins and remove the system from the styro head.

Turn the hair system up-side-down and take to sink or shower.

With the hair still up-side-down, allow the water to run through the base first so the coloring agent does not saturate the lace material. Rinse well.

Step Five Let Dry

After the hair system has been thourghly rinsed, allow to dry completely.

Style the hair unit as desired.

Additional Resources

If you would prefer another alternative to hair coloring, view the instructions for the Hair Direct coloring method.

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