Scalp Cleaning
and Preparation
for Bonding

Learn the best techniques for
the strongest bond

Video length: 8 Minutes

How to Prep Your Scalp for the Best Bond

After removing your hair system, you'll need to thoroughly remove all traces of adhesive, clean your scalp and prepare it for your HD SkinTM attachment. This video shows you how to follow proper scalp cleansing and prep procedures so you can get the most comfortable bond with the most optimal hold time.

You will need
  • ProTouch CleanSkin Scalp
  • ProTouch Scalp Cleansing Brush
  • ProTouch No Sweat
  • ProTouch Adjust A-Bond
  • Scalp Shaving Template
  • Electric shaver with a pop-up trimmer
  • Deep cleansing shampoo
  • Washable marker
  • Lint-free towel
  • Bath towel
  • Paper towel
  • Hand mirror
  • A scalp protector
    (especially for beginners)

Step 1
Scalp cleaning

Before you get into the shower, you'll want to clean the adhesive residue off of your scalp. For best results, we recommend using CleanSkin Scalp Cleanser with a scalp cleansing brush. 

First, dip the brush into the jar to get some cleaner on the bristles. Then, apply the brush to your scalp and thoroughly scrub away the residue for at least one minute, covering the entire bonding area. It is normal for temporary redness to occur when removing residue from your scalp.

After you've given your scalp a good scrubbing, get into the shower and rinse your head thoroughly. Keep your eyes closed while rinsing to avoid getting the cleanser in your eyes.

Tip: If you find that there's some residue in your hair, just comb the CleanSkin Scalp Cleanser through your hair with a fine-tooth comb.

Once you've gotten rid of all traces of adhesive residue, wash your hair at least two times. Rinse well and towel dry. Now you're ready to prep your scalp for attachment.

Step 2
Scalp preparation

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to inspect your hair system carefully and ensure it is the correct size and shape before shaving your head.

Using your magnifying mirror, locate your natural front hairline. Using a comb, make an indentation in your skin to temporarily mark the front edge of your hairline.

Tip: To locate your natural front hairline, raise your eyebrows as high as you can without tilting your head back. Then, run your index finger up the center of your forehead until you feel where the soft facial tissue meets the harder cranial tissue. Lay your index finger on your forehead just above this soft tissue. This is where you will mark it with the comb.

Next, peel the backing off the tape on your Scalp Shaving Template and spray a few pumps of Adjust A-Bond on the tape.

Using your front center mark as a guide, carefully position the Scalp Shaving Template on your head. Make sure the front edge is on the mark and the template is even from side-to-side.

Using your washable marker, carefully trace the template around the edge on the sides and back, and then remove the template.

Next, use your hair trimmer or razor to remove any hair and stubble inside that line. Once you've shaved your head, brush away all the hair clippings.

Then, dampen a paper towel to wipe away the line you made with the washable marker. Once your head is clean, spray a few pumps of Adjust A-Bond on a paper towel and wipe your head.

Lastly, apply a scalp protector to get the best possible bond.

Now you're ready to attach your HD Skin hair system.

Next, watch the video "Placement and Attachment" for precision attachment instructions.