Learn how to remove your HD Skin
system without damaging it.

Video length: 3 Minutes

How to Safely Remove Your HD Skin Hair System

When you're ready to remove your HD Skin hair system, you need to be careful to protect your skin, and be very gentle with the hair system if you plan to wear it again. The material is very thin, so it can tear if you're not careful. Also be mindful not to stretch the base while cleaning, as stretching can cause the hair to shed faster.

If you don't plan on wearing it again, you don't need to be as careful with the system, but you'll still want to be gentle on your scalp.

For the safest removal, we recommend using ProTouch Adjust A-Bond to properly remove your ultra-thin skin hair system in just three easy steps.

You will need
  • ProTouch Adjust A-Bond
  • Paper towels

Step 1
Locate the back edge

First, locate the back, center edge of your hair system and separate it from your growing hair.

Step 2
Release the back edge

While holding the hair up, spray a few pumps of Adjust A-Bond on the back center edge of the unit, making sure to spray upwards to help the Adjust A-Bond penetrate under the edge and begin to release the system from your scalp.

Step 3
Remove the system

After a few seconds, gently tug on the hair with one hand while you grip the edge of the base with the thumb and index finger of your other hand.

Spray a few more pumps of Adjust A-Bond under the base of the unit as you gently lift it away from your scalp. Remember, don't force it. Just repeat this process and let the Adjust A-Bond work to release the system while you remove it from your scalp. 

Lastly, wipe your scalp with paper towels to remove most of the glue residue. You'll follow up with a full scalp cleaning later.

And that's it! 

If you plan to reuse your system, watch the video "Base Cleaning" for precise cleaning and care instructions and see just how easy cleaning your HD Skin system can be.