Rebonding the
Front Edge

Learn how to touch up and
rebond your front edge

Video length: 5 Minutes

How to Touch Up Your Front Hairline Bond

If your front hairline begins to loosen after a couple of weeks, don't panic! We've developed a quick and easy method to rebond the front edge of your HD SkinTM system in just five easy steps. This will allow your extended-wear bond to last even longer.

You will need
  • ProTouch FusionBond Precision Pen
  • VelcroTM HairHold (comes with your Precision Pen)
  • Microfiber towel
  • ProTouch Adjust A-Bond
  • Cotton swabs
  • ProTouch No Sweat
  • A damp paper towel
  • A comb

Step 1
Secure the front hair

First, secure your front hair back with the Velcro HairHold included with your FusionBond Precision Pen.

Step 2
Clean the front edge

Moisten a cotton swab with Adjust A-Bond and carefully clean the oils from both your scalp and the loose underneath edge of the base. Confine your cleaning to the tiny loose edge of the base.

The Adjust A-Bond will evaporate in about 30 seconds, so add more if necessary until those areas are clean.

Step 3
Apply ProTouch No Sweat

Next, spray a couple pumps of No Sweat onto a fresh cotton swab. Then, wipe the swab onto the exposed scalp area that you just cleaned.

Step 4
Mark the front edge

Now you will need to mark the front edge so you know where to apply the glue in the next step.

To do this, place the front edge of the system down and use it as a guide for marking the front edge.

With the large teeth of your comb, make small indentations on your forehead about two millimeters in front of the edge of the system. You will be applying the glue up to these marks.

Step 5
Precise front edge glue application

Grab your FusionBond Precision Pen, remove the cap, and turn the end of the pen until you see a small drop of glue appear on the brush tip.

Tip: If this is your first use of the pen, you'll need to prime it by turning it several times until you see a small droplet of glue appear.

Hold the front edge of the base back while carefully applying a very thin coat of glue on your skin with your other hand. Apply glue only up to the marks you made with your comb.

Continue to spread a very thin, smooth, and even coat of glue across the front edge of your scalp.

Tip: When you need more glue, turn the end until you see only a tiny droplet appear on the tip.

Immediately after you finish applying the glue, firmly put the cap back on the pen to avoid the glue drying.

The glue should dry clear on your scalp almost immediately. After it is completely dry, very slightly dampen your finger to prevent it from sticking to the glue, and press down on the front edge to secure it. The edge will disappear completely.

Once the glue is fully cured, your front edge will be secure.