Placement and Attachment

Learn how quick and easy it is
to attach your HD Skin hair system.

Video length: 7 Minutes

How to Attach Your HD Skin System

Once you've properly cleaned and prepped your scalp — essential for a long-lasting bond — you’re ready to attach your pre-glued HD SkinTM hair system. The three layers of pre-applied glue make the system easy to attach yet, it's so thin — literally like a second layer of skin — that you’ll want to be careful not to stretch them while attaching.

You will need
  • Your HD Skin system, still attached to the
    adhesive-release mold
  • Fine-tooth comb
  • ProTouch Adjust A-Bond
  • Magnifying mirror
  • Styling tools

Step 1
Proper placement

To prepare for proper placement, use your magnifying mirror to locate your natural front hairline. Next, using a comb, make an indentation in your skin to temporarily mark the front edge of your hairline, just above your index finger.

Tip: To locate your natural front hairline, raise your eyebrows as high as you can without tilting your head back. Then, run your index finger up the center of your forehead until you feel where the soft facial tissue meets the harder cranial tissue. Lay your index finger on your forehead just above this soft tissue. This is where you will mark it with the comb.

Step 2

Now that you've marked the front center edge of your hairline, you're ready to begin attachment.

To remove your hair system from the adhesive-release mold, first lay it upside down with the front of the system facing you.

Then, carefully remove the mold from the system by holding the hair (not the base) and rolling the mold off the system from front to back.

Once removed from the mold, spray at least seven pumps of Adjust A-Bond on the base making sure to lightly coat the entire base.

Tip: If any hair has folded over onto the adhesive, quickly and carefully remove it with a tooth of your comb. Don't use your fingers.

Immediately before picking up the system, spray a light coating of Adjust A-Bond onto your scalp. You'll then have about one minute to place the system on your head before the Adjust A-Bond begins to evaporate and the fusion process begins.

Now, pick your system up by holding the hair evenly on each side, so that both thumbs are an equal distance from the edge of the base, while supporting the center of the unit.

Gently lift the system towards your head. Align the center front edge of the system with the mark you made on your forehead, making sure it's centered from left to right so that your fingers and hands are equally spaced on either side of your head. The front edge should be on the mark or just behind it.

Lay the rest of the system down, carefully aligning it within the bonding area. If the system is properly aligned in the front, and evenly placed left to right, it should automatically align in the back.

Now your system should be aligned and properly placed. The base should be lying flat on your head.

Tip: An easy way to make sure the system is laying flat with no bubbles under the base is to interlace your fingers and lay them on top of your head. Then, separate your hands and slide your fingers out from the center and down the sides of the system. Do this from side to side and front to back. Be gentle so you don't slide or move the system.

After a few minutes, the bond will fully activate. There is no need to apply further pressure to the base. The bond will automatically fuse to your scalp upon contact.

Congratulations! You've just attached your HD Skin hair system! Now it's time to style your hair.

Next, watch the video "Shampooing" for some tips on how to shampoo your system and growing hair between attachments.