Learn how simple it is to get up
and running with an HD Skin system!

7 Videos / 39 Minutes

The Results You Want, in Your Own Home

We've invested nearly 10 years perfecting an ultra-thin skin product that comes pre-glued and ready to wear, and that's as undetectable as possible for a hair system.

We've created this video learning series to get you up and running in no time! We'll walk you through the entire process; from the time you take your hair system out of the box, until you clean and reattach it.

Specially formulated product line

We've created an entire line of specialty products designed to make the entire process quick and easy! We'll teach you exactly how to use them, too, so you get the best results.

Not only will you have the most undetectable, state-of-the-art, disposable hair system in existence, but you'll be attaching and cleaning it like a pro sooner than you think!

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Get your questions answered

Everything you need to know to apply and care for your HD Skin system is right here. But, if you still have questions, we're always ready to help!

You can get your questions answered by calling 800-424-7436 (U.S. & Canadian customers) or 1-717-553-6633
(international customers), via email or on a live webcam call with one of our qualified hair replacement consultants. We're here to support you all the way.

You also have the opportunity to visit our online community where thousands of hair wearers and our professional staff discuss all things related to hair replacement.

Now, what are you waiting for? Dive in, and watch the first video!