Applying FusionBond Adhesive

Learn how to apply FusionBond
Adhesive to your HD SkinTM base

Video length: 6 Minutes

How to Apply FusionBond Adhesive

Once your HD Skin hair system is clean and dry, you're ready to apply ProTouch FusionBond Extended-Wear Adhesive. Getting the best bond for your skin system is easy! Just follow these five steps for the best hold.

You will need
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  • ProTouch FusionBond Extended-Wear Adhesive
  • ProTouch FusionBond Precision Pen
  • Disposable glue brushes
  • Styrofoam head with a clamp or suction base
  • T-pins
  • Adhesive-release mold
  • A few sheets of paper
  • ProTouch Adjust A-Bond

Step 1
Prepare the surface

Follow proper cleaning procedures and allow the base to dry for 24 hours. The base must be completely dry before applying glue to the system.

Once it's dry, lay it on a Styrofoam head, with the base-side facing up.

Place some T-pins around the perimeter of the unit to secure it and keep it from moving while you apply the adhesive. Do not put the pins through the skin base. Just place them in the hair next to the edge of the base to hold the system in place.

Step 2
Apply the glue

Once the unit is secured, use the glue bottle applicator to place dots of FusionBond Adhesive about 1 inch apart, keeping them about 1 inch from the edge of the base. This will ensure no adhesive runs into the hair.

Tip: Tip: If you accidentally get a little bit of glue on the hair, immediately spray some water or Adjust A-Bond on a fine tooth comb and carefully comb the wet glue out of the hair as soon as possible.

Step 3
Complete the first coat of adhesive

Using your disposable glue brush and the dots of adhesive you just created, paint a smooth, thin coat of adhesive all over the base. Get as close to the edge of the base as you comfortably can without going past it. You'll come back shortly and finish the edges with your FusionBond Precision Pen. Take special care to not get any adhesive on the hair.

Tip: If you get glue on your fingers, just spray a little Adjust A-Bond on your fingers and wipe them on a towel.

If you need more adhesive, simply add a few more dots and continue evenly spreading the adhesive over the base. Remember, it's better to err on the side of too little adhesive because you can easily add more.

It's important that the adhesive layer is thin and smooth. If you have any thick edges, keep smoothing them with the brush until they thin out.

Step 4
Apply glue to the edges

Once you've completed the first layer of glue with your brush, use your FusionBond Precision Pen to easily complete the layer of glue around the edges.

First, prep the pen by turning the end until a small dot of glue is exposed on the brush.

Next, paint a thin coat of adhesive to the exposed sides and back edges of the base, bringing the adhesive precisely to the edge.

Last, apply a little adhesive to the front edge. It's important to get a thin coat of adhesive all the way to the edge, but remember to be careful to avoid getting adhesive on the hair.

Step 5
Repeat, and repeat again

Once you've applied the first layer of adhesive, wait for it to dry clear. Then, apply a second and third coat the same way you applied the first.

Tip: If you do not apply a second and third coat of adhesive to the front edge, the unit will look much more invisible, but this technique may require more frequent touch ups.

The third coat is optional and is intended to extend the bond time. You may want to experiment with two or three coats, depending on the length of time you intend to wear your HD Skin system.

After the adhesive has dried clear, carefully place the hair system on the adhesive-release mold until you are ready to reattach it.

Next, watch the video "Scalp Cleaning and Preparation for Bonding" for instructions on preparing your scalp for your next attachment.