Why a Backup is a Must-Have

Peace of mind

For less stress and more peace of mind, always have a backup system.
A backup system isn't just a luxury, it's an insurance policy.


Backup is a Necessity

Sometimes things don't go exactly as planned. That's why you have car insurance, pack an extra shirt when you go on vacation, and back up the files on your computer. You want to be covered just in case. Well, it's the same with your hair — you definitely need a backup system.

In too many cases, people view backups as a luxury rather than a necessity. But when something goes wrong, panic strikes and you're left with either a really old, bad hair system or no hair system at all. You're forced to place a hair order right away and wait weeks or months for it to arrive.

Why you need a backup:

  • You have an accident that ruins your hair system

  • You tear your base while cleaning it

  • Your new hair system order isn't quite right

Benefits of a backup system:

  • You can have a clean system ready to go when you remove the one on your head

  • You can clean the dirty one at your leisure instead of rushing to get it done right away

  • You can pack your second system when you go on vacation so you don't have to clean the one you're
    wearing while you're away

Feel Safe and Secure

There are countless scenarios! Regardless, we want you to feel safe and secure
and always have a second, wearable hair system on hand.

Remember, if you have a backup system:

  • You always have peace of mind that you'll never be without hair
  • You don't have to get stressed out when an accident happens
  • You don't have to pay rush fees to get a new system made at the last minute

Call us today at 800-424-7436 and place an order for your backup system so you're always
prepared and never have to worry about having to wear a system in terrible shape — or
worse, having no system to wear at all.