Hair System Base Guide

We have 20 different bases from which to create a custom hair system that is right for you.

Appearance vs Durability

Which hair system base is best

Most people want a hair system that will provide the most natural, undetectable appearance possible. If this sounds like you, your choice is simple, full lace hair bases are the way to go.

If you're looking for a base that will last a really long time and be durable, this is also an easy decision. You should be considering a conventional hair base system.

Or maybe your needs are slightly more complex. Maybe you want a solid combination of both appearance and durability.

Maybe you have specific preferences in the type of hair used in your extended wear hair system, or the method of ventilation or style of hair cut.

Either way we have 20 different bases to a create custom hair system that is right for you. We know you're unique and choosing may be a little scary. But no worries, our hair replacement techs can help you make the most educated choice for your needs.

Hair Replacement System Tutorials

  1. What are bases made from? Explore the most popular base materials available today for hair replacement systems and decide which best fits your preferences.
  2. How are the materials used? Learn about the various configurations and designs of hair system bases and how they are put together to meet different needs.
  3. How are all the hairs attached? Find out the definition of hair replacement system ventilation and how your hair style will affect your decision on which hair replacement system base is most appropriate.

More Hair Replacement System Info

Learn more about custom hair system bases, attachment, maintenance and a variety of other hair loss and replacement topics at our learning center.