Custom Fitting Kit

for Men and Women

Watch how it works

Custom design, every time

Our fitting kit isn’t just chock full of awesome tools and resources to make designing your custom hair system a lot easier, but it’s also really flexible for every hair wearer. Whether you’re a beginner who’s never worn hair, a hair club or salon convert, or an old pro who knows it all, you’ll find the kit makes ordering hair from the privacy of your own home a whole lot easier. We designed two separate kits—one for males and one for females, but both kits accommodate any size base (partial, three-quarter or full cap).

Super easy to follow. Glad it was tailored to women. The overall experience was very stress-free!

Wondering how that’s possible?

The DVD is designed so that you only watch what matters to you. You don’t have to sit through tons of information that you don’t care about. And, if you need a little more time in one section, you can watch it as many times as you want.

Meet Tommy
The kit was extremely well done and the techs made me feel comfortable, very relaxed and at peace.

Not sure? No worries.

We designed the fitting kit to be as simple as possible. And, it’s totally private. Also, the whole thing is explained in terms you can understand. You get to design your own hair system without having to know all that fancy hair talk.

But if you don’t get something, don’t panic! We want this to be easy for you. Just go through the DVD and fill out the order form the best you can. After you send the kit back, a hair replacement consultant will contact you and answer all your questions and help you finalize your order. Then we’ll send your order to the factory, or hold it until you’re ready for us to get it rolling for you.

You’ll get a totally custom hair system, with a money-back guarantee, handmade, cut-in, precision-blended, and delivered right to your door. Risk-free.

The tools you need to get the look you want

CFK Sneak Peek

Wondering what’s in all those fancy boxes and booklets?

We made sure you have every tool you need to collect the data we need to make your custom hair system look the way you want and work for your lifestyle. There’s some really cool stuff in the kit (and you get to keep some of it)!


Licensed hair replacement consultants walk you through step by step so you know exactly how to collect the information we need. Simple navigation is color coordinated with your order form so you always know where you are and only need to view the sections you need.

Order Form

This comprehensive booklet collects all your preferences in one place. It’s divided into five easy sections so you can tell us your preferences for:

  • Base shape/size/construction
  • Hair color and highlights
  • Hairstyle
  • Density
  • Length
  • Curl/Wave
  • and more!

Ordering Resources Guide

This easy access guide is full of ordering tips (and mistakes to avoid), photos of wave and curl options, and a base material sample guide with actual swatches you can feel. It also provides suggestions for hairstyles so it’s as easy as pie to get the style you want.

Tool Box #1

This toolbox is all about your growing hair as well as your system’s hair color, texture and length. You’ll have these tools to work with:

  • Standard color ring
  • Fashion color ring
  • Tools for collecting hair samples
  • Ruler
  • Measuring tape

Tool Box #2

The second toolbox helps you choose your base size and shape so you get a perfect fit: You’ve got these handy tools in your arsenal:

  • Frontal hairline guide: 10 templates with the most common frontal hairline shapes
  • Grease pencil: Make guide points on your scalp for accurate measuring

Mystery Green Envelope

While we can’t lift the lid and spill the beans about what’s inside this mysterious green envelope (OK, well we did tip the pot a little bit), be sure you take out all the stuff in the box and look for the green envelope. You never know what could be inside and what it could be worth. Just sayin’.

Your goal seems to be to make the ordering process as simple as possible and I think you were able to accomplish that.

It’s risk-free and totally guaranteed

In case we haven’t mentioned it enough already, we want you to know that this whole fitting kit and hair ordering deal is 100% risk-free.


Even though you’ll pay $59 for the custom fitting kit, it’s really a deposit on your first hair system. When you return the kit to us and place your first order, we’ll apply that $59 you paid for the kit to your first hair system order.

If you change your mind and decide you don’t want to use the kit or order hair, just send the kit back to us and we’ll refund your $59. Pretty simple, right?

100% Guaranteed

Once you order hair from us, you’ll have the benefit of our no-hassle refund or remake guarantee. What does that mean? Well, it means if for any reason (and we do mean any reason) you’re not happy with your order, we’ll either remake it for you free of charge or refund the cost of your hair system as long as you return it to us within 30 days. We stand by our work, and we stand by our guarantee, so you have no risk now and have no regrets later.

This actually should build confidence, as there's always that bit of doubt that an internet-based company can produce a hair system without seeing you.