HD Learning Center

Take control of your hair system. Whether your a new or experienced hair wearer, we've got tips, tools and step-by-step guides to make you a DIY hair replacement pro.

Toupee Tape & Adhesives

Everything you need to know about hairpiece and toupee tape adhesives.

Cleaning Your Hair System

Step-by-step instructions for properly cleaning your hair system.

Hair System Base Guide

Learn the basics of choosing the right base design for your hair loss.

Attachment & Removal

Talk about confusing: Everyone's scalp is different, no two hair systems are the same AND there's a ton of options to get that hair on and off your head. So here's a handy toolbox to make the job easier. Sorry, no hammer included.


Hair Replacement 101

It's plugs, drug or rugs when it comes to beating hair loss, right? The best choice for you isn't for us to say. So soak in some unbiased (ok, maybe a little biased) info about the most popular hair replacement options to figure out the "pros & cons" for yourself!


Hair Care

Care & Maintenance

Hey, it's a tough world out there for a hair system. Neglect it, and it'll look it went 10 rounds with a prizefighter. So keep your guard up with these "need-to-know" how-tos and tips to save your unit from a premature knockout.


Products 101

School's in session on adhesives, solvents, and just about every product in between. Get an insider lesson plan on all the stuff that sticks, styles, cleans, conditions and removes your hair system.


Ordering Guide & Tips

Love the "dead rat on your head" look? Before you plunk your money down on a hair system from any company, poke around in here for expert tips and exclusive tools to get your order just right. Uh, first-timers? This means YOU! :-)