Attach Your Hair System with
Hairpiece Tape Step-by-Step Instructions

Using hairpiece tape to attach your hair replacement system is an easy (mess free) way to get a secure bond for both daily and extended wear.

Below we'll show you how to apply tape to your hairpiece. You can use these tips for most types of tape. Not sure what type of tape you need? It all depends on how long you like to wear your unit, get help choosing the right hairpiece tape.

IMPORTANT Proper scalp preparation is essential to achieving strong hair replacement bonding! Before you attach your hair system with toupee tape or adhesive, it is absolutely vital that you first clean and prepare your scalp thoroughly. Preparing your scalp properly will ensure the best possible bond for your hair system.

What You Will Need
  • Hairpiece Tape
  • Spray-on Conditioner
  • Spray Water Bottle
For best results, use...
  • Spray Gel Mist
  • ProTouch Adjust A-Bond

Step One Applying tape to the base

Your first step is to apply the toupee tape to the under part of the base of the hair system. Start by finding a contour that matches the shape of the outer edge of your base. If there isn't a contour that matches, simply cut a strip from an adhesive roll to fit.

In this example, the hair system has a lace base with a poly edge in the front. We recommend you always apply red liner tape to the poly first, then cover it with an extended wear tape, unless you are doing a daily attachment. Keep in mind, red liner tape does not stick to lace, so you'll need to find a different daily wear or extended wear tape to use on lace areas.

To attach tape to your hair system, peel back the liner from the tape.

When applying the tape, place it as close to the outer edge as possible without protruding past the edge of your system. Press the tape down firmly.

Once the tape has been applied to the base, peel the backing off the strips that will attach to your scalp.


Step Two Place onto head

Next, slowly and carefully place the unit onto your head. We highly recommend spraying an alcohol-based formula, like our Adjust A-Bond, onto the scalp first. This will prevent the toupee adhesive from immediately sticking to the skin and provide a few minutes of drying so you can adjust the hair system into exactly the right place.

Once the unit is on your head, adjust it into place and carefully apply pressure to all the tape areas. Now your hair system is secure, bonded with hairpiece tape and ready to wear for styling.


Step ThreeCondition your hair system

Finally, spray a light mist of water over the hair, followed by a few pumps of a spray on conditioner. These "leave-in" conditioners will help your hair system to stay soft and supple. (We recommend ProTouch Spray On Leave In Conditioner for ultimate protection

Quick Tip:If you like your hair to have the "wet look" be safe and use ProTouch Spray Gel Mist, it's specifically formulated for hair replacement systems. Then spend a few minutes brushing and direction styling your hair; allow to dry naturally.