Toupee Tape & Hairpiece Tape Adhesives



Hairpiece and toupee tape adhesives used for hair system attachment are double-sided and most are commonly referred to as “surgical” or “medical grade” adhesive strips. These terms mean that the hairpiece tape was made in a sterile environment.

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Hairpiece Tape

All toupee tape is clear (except for cloth tape). However, it comes in several colors and types for various applications, such as red liner tape. 

In addition to all those colors, toupee adhesive will typically sell in rolls or as strips. The strips are available in various contours specifically shaped to fit the front hairline and outer edge of many popular toupees &  hair systems.

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  • The Various Types of Hairpiece Tape — Get an overview of what all the different colors mean and which tapes have the most, and least, amount of tack.
  • Contours, Rolls & Sizes — Review the four main types of tape contour strips as well as all the other forms that hairpiece tape is sold in.
  • Application Instructions — OK so you've got the toupee tape... now what do you do? Follow these instructions for a quick lesson on how to apply the tape to your toupee.

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