The 6 Most Common Types of Hairpiece Tape

We have over 100 different toupee & hairpiece tape products to choose from so no matter what your wearing preference there will be something for you!

White Clear Liner Tape

White Clear-Liner
(1-2 day bonding)

Sometimes just called “clear” it’s the most common and is ideal for daily wear hair systems. It has the less tack than all other hairpiece tapes, but it's still very secure and ideal for daily wear.

Red Clear Liner Tape

Red Clear-Liner
(2-3 day bonding)

Slightly more tack than white, and also ideal for daily wear hair replacement. However, red clear-liner hairpiece tape will stay secure for up to 3 consecutive days. Red tape is also the only toupee tape that is not “medical grade” and in rare cases, may cause an allergic reaction during use.

Cloth Hairpiece Tape

Brown Liner/Cloth Tape
(1-2 day bonding)

Sometimes referred to as “opaque” or “brown” - Cloth hairpiece tape has about the same amount of tack as white clear-liner tape and will often times leave fewer residues after you take your system off. However, because it isn’t transparent, most people only use cloth tape if they have dense hair or wear a thick base system.

No Messy Residue Tape

No Messy Residue
(7-10 day bonding)

A bit more tack than red, NMR toupee tape will stay secure between 1-2 weeks. It comes with a clear white liner, just like white tape. We like to call this tape “Less Messy Residue” because despite its name, it will probably still leave a residue after you take your system off.

Blue Clear Liner Tape

Blue Clear-Liner
(14-20 day bonding)

This toupee tape offers the second highest amount of tack and will keep your hair system on tight between 2-3 weeks. Blue tape was originally designed for lace hairpieces and because of its aggressive level of tack is widely used for extended wear hair system bonding.

Proflex Clear Liner Tape

ProFlex Strips
(30+ day bonding)

Offering the highest amount of tack available, the Pro Flex strips have a blue backing (like the blue tape) but they’re also dotted with small holes which allow the scalp to breathe. Pro Flex hairpiece tape strips are ideal for extended wear systems and will provide a secure bond up to 4 weeks.

SUPERTAPE-CC - Supertape CC Contour

(30+ day bonding)

Supertape is a new and highly regarded hairpiece tape. With it's incredible hold time and easy clean up, it's turning out to be everyone's favorite. It's designed for lace hairpieces and is used for extended wear hair system bonding.

WAL-NO SHINE-A - Walker No-Shine A Contour

Walker Tape
(4-6 weeks)

A brand new line-up from Walker Adhesives, the same company that sells the popular liquid adhesives Ultra Hold and Mity Tite. These new tapes are no-shine so you can use them with confidence with your front hairline!