Finding the Right Tape for Your Needs

Tapes, rolls and contours

Choosing the hairpiece tape that will work best for you doesn't have to be difficult. We have a team of qualified hair replacement consultants who can assist you with selecting a tape based on your unique needs — like the length of time you'd like to attach, the type of base you have (lace or poly) and whether or not you need a low-shine tape. We can also recommend tapes for oily or sensitive skin.

The information provided below will help you get started but if you need more assistance, don't hesitate to contact us today.

Want help from other hair wearers? Feel free to ask for opinions in our Community.

Daily Wear

If you choose to bond your hair system, but remove it daily (or every 1-3 days), you'll want to choose a low-tack tape that is still secure, but designed for short-term use so you can safely remove it from your scalp without damaging the base.

Shop for daily wear tapes for LACE bases
Shop for daily wear tapes for POLY EDGES or traditional skin bases (not thin skin)

Extended Wear

Extended-wear tapes are designed to last approximately 1-4 weeks, depending on the tape. The length of hold depends on several variables, such as the user's body chemistry, lifestyle, maintenance routine, etc. It is important you don't assume a tape labeled by the manufacturer as having 4+ week hold will necessarily achieve those results for you. Typical hold times reported by customers for extended-wear tapes vary and are about 1-2 weeks on average.

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IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended that you use "red liner tape" directly on poly edges or traditional skin bases prior to attaching your extended-wear tape to your hair system base. Red liner tape is clear with a disposable red liner. It will securely adhere to the poly, but greatly diminish the amount of time and effort needed to clean the base since it doesn't break down like an extended-wear tape. Red liner tape will not compromise the length of your bond provided you use a second extended-wear tape on top of it to attach to your scalp.

Oily Skin

If you have very oily skin, chances are that any tape will break down much faster. For example, a four-week tape might only last you three days! To help you get started, below are a few customer favorites for oily skin that provide a stronger hold. They might not necessarily be designed for oily skin, but are known to work well for customers with it.

Ultra Hold

Remember to apply red liner tape to poly before your other extended-wear tape for much easier cleanup. Red liner tape should not touch the skin if applied under another tape.

Sensitive Skin

If you know yourself to have sensitive scalp skin or are having a reaction to another adhesive, you may want to consider the following tapes, which are manufactured to medical grade or hypoallergenic standards. This is in no way to be considered medical advice. If you have a skin reaction, please discontinue the product and contact a physician immediately.

NS-Pro2ES No Shine (medical grade)
Stick-It (medical grade)
No Shine (hypoallergenic)
Duraflex (hypoallergenic)

Red liner tape is not considered to be medical grade or hypoallergenic but it is recommended that you apply it to poly before your other extended-wear tape for much easier cleanup. Red liner tape should not touch the skin if applied under another tape.


If you choose to use tape as an adhesive, but have a very light density and feel you can see the tape shine through the lace base, considering the following tapes designed to have no or low shine:

NS-Pro2ES No Shine (medical grade)
No Shine (hypoallergenic)
Ultra Hold