Applying ProFlex Tape to Your Hair System Step-by-Step Instructions

If you use ProFlex strips or tape tabs to attach your hair system, these tips and the diagram below will help you get a stronger, longer-lasting bond.

ATTENTION! Proper scalp preparation is essential to achieving strong hair replacement bonding! Before you attach your hair system, it is absolutely vital that you first clean and prepare your scalp.

What You Will Need
  • ProFlex Tape Strips
  • Hairline Tape Markers
  • HD Hi-Def Bond
  • Pro Touch Adjust-A-Bond

Step One Apply tape to the underside of your hair system

After properly preparing and cleaning your scalp, remove one side of the toupee tape and apply to the underside of your hair system. There are two popular methods used these days; Full Scalp Bond or Perimeter Bond.


Step Two Attach hair system to your scalp

Once the hairpiece tape is applied to your system, then you can remove the protective liner and attach to your scalp. Start with the front and then move toward the back.


Removing Your System

  • Starting from the front, begin lifting the unit up while spraying on an adhesive remover. For this type of hair system removal it is better to use a spray-on remover.
  • After removal, it's highly recomended that you clean your system thoroughly to remove any adhesive residues.