Women's Hairstyles

Buying a female hair system can be tough enough, but the extra headache of choosing a natural-looking hairstyle can make you wanna scream. What style is right for your head is ultimately up to you. So to help you brainstorm a bit, we’ve thrown together some example photos here.

Not feeling any of these pics? You can always send us a photo of a celebrity, or even a pic of yourself when you felt your natural hair looked its sweetest, and we can totally match it. It's a beautiful thing!

WARNING: You're looking at models NOT hair replacement clients!

Seen some of these women on other sites and think something’s fishy? Remember: These models are NOT our customers and are not wearing a hairpiece. These photos are only here to spark your hairstyle imagination.

If you want to see pics of real female clients in our hair systems, take a look over here. »