Men's Hairstyles

Dudes...Muchachos...Gentlemen! Need some help dreaming up your perfect hairstyle for your hair replacement system? The name of the game is a natural appearance, so check out these swanky models for a wee bit o' inspiration. 

Oh and hey, if none of these guys do it for you, don’t sweat it! You can always send us a photo of a celebrity, or even a pic of yourself in, um, hairier times, and we can whip up a custom hair system based on that. So easy!

WARNING: You're looking at models NOT clients!

So you saw a few of these guys on other sites and you're now like, “WTF?” Ok, here’s the scoop: These models are NOT our customers. The photos are only here to spark your hairstyle imagination.

Now if you wanna see pics of real clients in our hair systems, take a look over here.»