Meet Ty

She's wearing a full lace, full cap hair system.

About Ty

Gels, steroids and wigs that were tight enough to leave marks on her ears — this was the early reality of hair loss for Ty. Her alopecia totalis began at age 5, and the solutions she tried began to pile up quickly.

Choosing a hair system from Hair Club didn't go much better.

"It cost something something thousand," Ty says. "No, I can't afford that, I have to go somewhere else. I have to figure something out."

Ty's hair is the number one thing to her. It has to look good, and it has to be affordable. So, naturally, she was skeptical of the online model at Hair Direct, along with its quality. But she took the leap, and she hasn't gone back.

"I gave it a chance, and it came out great," Ty says. "I'm an active person ... there has not ever been a situation where I can't do that because I have alopecia, or I have a hair system."

More About Ty's Hair Replacement

Ty's alopecia totalis requires a full cap hair system, so she's opted for a full lace, full cap system. She has a little poly in the back because she's noticed that for her, the hair in the back thins out quickly. She does all of the maintenance herself, and she wore this system with a silky straight wave/curl option that was styled with a curling iron.

Ty's Hair System

Base Design
Full Lace, Full Cap Hair System (HD03)
Hair Type
Chinese (100% Human Hair)
Single Knots
Medium Light
Silky Straight (Styled with a Curling Iron)
Standing Order