Meet Tommy Lee Thomas

He's wearing a full lace hair system.

About Tommy Lee Thomas

Tommy Lee’s an actor, but he’s never been filmed without hair. That’s because he's been going to a salon every month for the past 22 years. Do the math: we're talking two decades of maintenance fees, commutes, and setting appointments!

When he was ready for a change, Tommy Lee ordered our Custom Fitting Kit. "It was a little overwhelming at first, but the DVD really helped." When he called us, our superstar Hair Techs impressed him by translating his layman’s terms into technical details.

"There may be other companies out there that can offer a price similar to what you offer, but the quality is not there," says Tommy Lee. And don't even get him started on our customer service: "A person can't buy that, especially at the price you offer. It's amazing." 

More About Tommy Lee’s Hair Replacement

With all that experience, Tommy Lee’s seen both good and bad hair systems, and he knows what he likes. His full lace, High Definition system gives him the confidence of a totally natural look (it helps that he’s careful to order a natural-looking density, too)!

Now that he's learning to do some of his own hair system maintenance at home, Tommy Lee has simplified his attachment routine. Every week or so, he bonds with glue in front for a great hairline appearance. To limit wear and tear on his delicate, all-lace hair system, Tommy Lee only uses a few pieces of hairpiece tape around his perimeter.

Tommy's Hair System

Base Design
Hair Type
Indian (100% human hair)
Bleached, single knots
Extra Light
Slight Movement