Meet Ron

He's wearing a lace front hair system.

About Ron

After wearing a hair system for more than 13 years, Ron knows what he wants. He's been with us since 2004. He always liked the systems from his old place, but not the service, "they just didn't seem to care."

Ron isn't shy about telling people he's got a hair replacement. He thinks that as long as your unit looks good there shouldn't be a problem.

Since Ron lives near our offices in Central Pennsylvania, US, he regularly comes in for appointments. Though most of our clients order through the mail, many from the Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York areas prefer to visit.

More About Ron's Hair Replacement

With all that hair, Ron needs a more durable base but still wants a natural front hairline. He wears a reinforced lace front hair system with a thicker, conventional top.

He orders his units with our High Definition Hairline on the front so he can have confidence it will always look natural, even up close.

Ron's Hair System

Base Design
Double Layer Lace Front w/ Conventional Top
Rockstar (or about 6" all around)
Hair Type
Human Hair (Indian)