Meet Mikayla

She's wearing a full lace hair system.

About Mikayla

Mikayla is funny, wise beyond her years and belongs to a beautiful family. Oh, and she just happens to be one of the bravest kids on the planet—and not because she posed for us.

At age 11, Mikayla was diagnosed with Alopecia Totalis, a complete loss of head hair. It's a devastating condition at any age, but especially when you're a ‘tween. Luckily, she has a great support system at home (including her father, daddyof4 on our forums), who rallied around her to tackle her hair loss.

After a few unsuccessful hair replacement stops (including Hair Club), the family briefly settled on generic synthetic wigs. Not happy, they kept searching and eventually found us. Now they're simply thrilled with Mikayla's custom hair system—and their hair tech for the care put into every order.

But the real hero of this story is Mikayla. She only agreed to this photo shoot in hopes that it might help other children.

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More About Mikayla's Hair Replacement

Mikayla's natural hair was long and thick. So with help from their hair tech Julie, Mikayla's parents designed a system with a medium light density on the top and heavier on the sides. To handle the weight, the hair is ventilated into a double-reinforced New York lace front base with a conventional top with a poly-coating on the sides and back.

Mikayla's Hair System

Base Design
Hair Type
100% human hair (Chinese, root-to-tip)
Bleached, single knots
100% front; 110% through the rest
Standing Order
2A (Two systems per year)