Meet Lillian

She's wearing a full lace hair system.

Lillian Hair Spotlight Video

About Lillian

Lillian was active in our forums long before she was a customer. Her fun, fearless posts could be an epic hair loss novel!

Lillian's hair began thinning when she was only eleven years old. She inherited diffuse hair loss, but health issues made the problem worse. "I've never had any friends who suffered with hair loss like I had. I honestly thought I was the only one going through this."

For twenty years Lillian coped with hair loss on her own, but wigs were uncomfortable, and she couldn't afford Hair Club for Men.

She found us online and was blown away. "I had no idea I could do all of this by myself!" She now does all of her attachment and removal at home. "Wearing hair is way easier than I had expected! And it's getting even easier with time."

"I feel like I had been throwing a pity party for myself for years. Now that I found this solution and community to help me, I can do something about it!"

More About Lillian's Hair Replacement

Lillian front shaved photo

For the most undetectable and realistic look, Lillian shaves the top of her head and bonds her custom partial system to her scalp.

Lillian gets 6 systems per year with our Standing Order Discounts. She always has fresh new hair when she needs it, but can make adjustments to each new system in between orders as needed.

Lillian's Hair System

Base Design
HD32 (Hollywood lace with reinforced sewing lines)
Hair Type
Brushed Forward
Bleached/Single Knots
First Half Inch 70%, Front 80%, Top/Crown 100%, Sides/Back 90%
Standing Order
6A (6 systems per year)